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Paws First: Making the Leap into the Pet Care Services Industry

Pet care services is a multi-billion dollar industry, and all paws point to it only getting bigger as Americans continue to spend big bucks on precious pets, a reported $55.7 billion in 2013. Of that, at $4.41 billion, pet care services including grooming, boarding, training, and pet-sitting grew by the largest percentage. As an industry projected to add at least 10,000 jobs and experience at least 15 percent growth in employment over the next five years (see CareerBuilder study released June 4,

Just A Thought….. And Some Cuteness

The other day I posted on Adventures of Frugal Mom about how excited we were to have kittens at our house. We had adopted this stray cat that someone had thrown away, and we have made “Markie” a part of our family. Although I enjoy a healthy debate on all of my blogs, I was devastated to see where someone commented that I needed to stop the pet overpopulation. First because of the ignorance of the response I was appalled. I could see if these kittens did not have homes and will be taken to
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