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Is your dog giving you a hard time? Is it refusing to behave and listen to you? If yes, then we have just the solution for you.

You might feel sad seeing other dog owners and their obedient pets and thinking what the secret is. But, let me put it out though, it’s really not that big a deal.

We have listed 10 simple tips and tricks that can make your dog listen to you and learn good behavior at the same time.

  1. Praise your Doggo

Dogs observe. They’re quick learners who pick up little things and imitate. So, when you see your dog doing something on his own, appreciate it. Dogs understand when you praise them and this little act of appreciation encourages them to behave. Let them differentiate between what’s good and bad.

  1. Use Physical Gestures

Dogs cannot talk. The sooner you understand that, the better. Dogs respond according to the changes in their owner’s tone, pitch, and voice. That mixed with hand gestures, it becomes easier for pups to understand what’s expected from them. It might take a while for them to comprehend what they’re asked to do. Don’t lose your temper if they don’t act accordingly. Be patient and repeat a few times. Encourage them when they are doing it right. Hand in a little treat when they perform well. You’re your dog’s only cheerleader. Appreciate them for their actions.

  1. Learn To Command

Be a leader. Dogs respond best when they’re lead. When you command your dog in a firm and confident manner, they’ll respond better. Maintain a composed attitude in order to get your dog to do something. Don’t be rude, just be assertive. Your body language and your voice should have the leader aura. Your dog will learn to walk in your footsteps. You must be the ideal leader so that he develops a sense of trust and follows you.

  1. Appreciate the Efforts

Take small steps at a time. Your dog may not always get everything done in their first try. What matters is his effort. Don’t dishearten your dog by showing anger or disappointment. Some dogs are quick learners and some are not. So, take time and be patient. Don’t lose hope. Keep motivating and some days cut them some slack.  Make the training sessions fun for better productivity. Give the little furball some credit for trying.

  1. Don’t Hold onto a Grudge

Your dog doesn’t speak your language. Don’t be harsh on the poor soul if he cannot follow your command to the T. They didn’t mean to intentionally poo on your carpet. So, being angry at him is only going to make him feel bad. When you catch him doing something inept, fix it and move on. Your tone is enough to show that your disapproval and they’ll get the hint. Don’t guilt trip them by shouting or giving the silent treatment.

  1. Set Some Boundaries

Try not to encourage a certain behavior which you would not be okay with in the future. Start from the basics and set some rules. Some things are cute as a puppy, but as your pup grows up, you might want them to behave differently. That’s why you must set the ground rules in the beginning. You need to be sure of how you expect your doggo to act in front of people.

  1. Build an Emotional Connection

Dogs understand emotions. They can sense when you’re sad, happy, or angry. So, try to convey your message in a way that they understand you. Sometimes they may not understand a word, you must have a strong connection first in order to get each other. Spend quality time. Try and understand each other’s behavioral patterns. Communicate in a way that he grabs what you’re saying. Make proper eye and physical contact to build a connection. They’ll then sense the importance of what you’re saying.  

  1. Put them on a Leash

Putting a leash on your is not cruel once for and all. It does not mean your love for your pup is any less. If you put them on a leash while teaching tricks or training, they’ll take that as a sign for paying attention. You don’t constantly have to grab them. When they act like a good doggo, shower them with treats and compliments. That way it’ll ease out the whole process. Be a good motivator and watch your dog obey all your orders.

  1. Teach To Be Patient

One of the most important learnings for your dog is patience. We often see dogs losing their mind simply at the sight of food. This can be changed by teaching self-control. The best way to achieve that is making them wait while you pour their food. The day they’ll learn to sit and wait until you ask them to eat, is when they’ll learn self-control. Your dog needs to understand the concept of permission.

  1. Reward them for being a Good Dog

Who’s a good doggy? – Your pupper is. Make sure you make them feel it when they’ve done something positive. Give your pup a reward in the form of snuggles, mouthwatering treats, or even just a smile. Be vocal about it and praise them for being a good dog. These little gestures will take over the moon and encourage them to listen to you more.


Dogs are loyal and love you unconditionally. So, make sure they enjoy the training. Try bonding with them. Enable them to see you with eager and not with fear. Train them with full confidence and they’ll soon start learning what you’ve taught.

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