Which List Are You on This Year?

Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? The folks over at Karina Dresses say it doesn't matter, as long as you on the self love list! They are constantly striving to create dresses that make all women look great and feel great - no matter their shape or size. Because, at the end of the day, the goal is to inspire self-love in women all around the world! Since the holiday season is upon us, they want to help you to find the perfect dress - one that can go from day to night, party to party,

5 DIY Spa Treatments for Your Hair

Disclosure - this post contains affiliate links. Need a new idea for what to do with those turkey-day leftovers? Sneaking in a spa getaway before the holidays is easier than you think. Madison Reed wants you to know about these 5 swanky spa treatments for your hair. The best part? These deliciously healthy hair solutions can be found in your own kitchen! 1. Beer is the Silver Bullet for Fine, Limp Hair Believe it or not, beer is full of protein, which enhances shine, strength, and moisture. HOW:


Happy birthday to the amazing actress, playwright, activist, and all around icon - Ruby Dee! Best known for her work in films such as A Raisin in the Sun, Do the Right Thing, and American Gangster, Dee played a huge role in paving the way for other African-American actors and filmmakers. In honor of the icon's birthday (she would have been 92!),Karina Dresses is running a sale on their popular RUBY dress. From 10/28 to 10/29, all Ruby dresses (sleeveless AND 3/4 sleeves) will be marked down from

Hexed Release Day and Giveaway

Everything and everyone has an expiration date, including Gwen Sparks. When Dorian, the Angel of Death, saved her, he did more than bend the rules: he shattered them. When Gwen’s memories are stolen, the balance of life and death shifts, and magic goes on the fritz. Dorian realizes that even the angel of Death must face consequences for his mistakes. Everything and everyone has an expiration date, and time is running out for Gwen. If they don’t find a solution, Gwen’s borrowed time will come

5 Pro Tips for Silky, Shiny Hair

  (Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links) Shiny hair often translates to healthier-looking hair as well. Here are 5 tips for achieving this lustrous look courtesy of Madison Reed. 1. Protect from Heat: Be sure to apply a heat protectant product to your hair before your heat styling or blow drying regimen to protect your hair from increased damage. 2. Banish Build Up: All of the product we use to protect our hair or achieve a particular style can sometimes stick

Champagne Reading: Romancing Redemption

Publication Date: October 31, 2014 Facing a life of prostitution or homelessness, Rosie Scott must make a choice centered on keeping her and her sister safe in the wilds of an unforgiving Montana land. With their background, the two girls need a fresh start.In Colby, Montana opportunities are as thick as needles on a pine tree. Savvy and independent, Rosie decides to take a chance and start a business, earning her the respect of many town residents. She catches the eye of two men. One
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