Have you been Doing Your Laundry Wrong?

Doing laundry is one thing, but knowing when to do it is a whole other thing. You might actually be washing everything you own rather frequently and thereby wasting a lot of your energy as well as money. There are many types of clothing in a house, it includes the clothes you wear every day, bath towels, bed sheets and pillow covers, rugs, quilts, curtains, etc., and you do not need to wash all of them frequently. There are few which you need to wash on a daily basis while there are others that

How to Use Liquid Fabric Conditioner

Tips to get the most out of your fabric softener  Fabrics just feel better when you use Downy® Fabric Conditioner, infusing them with wonderful softness, freshness, and protection. Even better, Downy is easy to sue. But how you use it depends on what kind of washing machine you have—top—or front-loading. Tip 1: How to use Downy in HE front-loading machines. If you have an HE front-loading washer, your machine has a built-in automatic dispenser and you can add Downy Fabric Conditioner
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