3 Destinations Perfect for Soul Searching this Season



Holiday season is the perfect opportunity to go on a trip whether you have to take an airplane or drive your Toyota Wigo, the Philippines have various destinations for your soul searching needs. The holiday season gives you more than enough time to take a short break to evaluate your life. It’s the perfect time to look back on the year that has passed, all the good times, the hurts and everything in between. It’s also the best time to find the best mindset for the year to come. Time to learn from the past year and prepare for the coming year, only when you are sure of yourself will you be able to conquer the challenges to come.



Siquijor has always been known for its mysticism and wonder, thanks to the collection of folk healing practices, mythical stories on sorcery and all things supernatural. You are sure to be entertained and bewildered by these stories but Siquijor offers so much more than a folk tale. This is where you can find great beaches as a backdrop for all your social media posts thanks to the clear almost turquoise waters. You have a plethora of beaches to visit such as Kagusan, Salagdoong, and Paliton, don’t forget to visit the local Tulapos Marine Sanctuary.  Look inland and you’ll find great natural wonders such as the Cambugahay Falls, Guiwanon Spring Park, and the Mount Bandilaan Nature Park. Bask in the natural wonders this destination has to offer.



You don’t even need to book a flight for this destination, this mountain province isn’t the easiest location to go to but it is one of the most worth it. First of all the cool weather up the mountain will definitely be a good break from the hot temperatures in the city, no doubt this will help you relax. Once you do take that 11-hour commute to Sagada be prepared to be in awe of the view from the Kiltepan peak, let the rolling fogs highlighted by the soft rays of the sun. No better place to take a breath, relax and think about all your experiences this year and how to top them the next year. Once you see the mysterious hanging coffins a lot of questions will definitely enter your mind and this could be the best place to answer them.


Palaui Island, Cagayan

If the reputation as one of the best beaches in the world voted by CNN or the fact that it has been used as the set of Survivor the TV reality show, still doesn’t sway you that this is a destination worth visiting then maybe the landscape will. Not only does it have one of the clearest beaches it also has grasslands and wide mountain ranges. This pretty much covers the list of things to do outside to do. It is the perfect island whether you want to swim, hike or trek. Try to find yourself through the mountains or on the beach, you could find your answers in this adventure.

These 3 destinations will give you everything you’re looking for in an adventure and hopefully it can help you find the answers you need. There are other destinations like this, but these 3 would give you the perfect balance of serenity for reflection and adventure for inspiration. Go pack your bags and get ready for the coming year.


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