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Google’s new trip planning app, Google Trips, is not the only app out there to help make traveling go smoothly. Between choosing a destination, booking accommodations and finding attractions to visit, traveling should always be enjoyable and exciting! Here are 5 other essential travel apps that make it easy to have a perfect get-away:

  1. FastToll: FastToll, a new toll tracking mobile app, allows drivers to drive through Illinois Tollway open-road tolls without having to stop and dig for change to pay the fare. FastToll was created for travelers who do not have an IPASS account and for drivers that are visiting Illinois. FastToll keeps track of all toll plazas that drivers pass through and within seven days drivers are able to pay their tolls through the app.
  2. TripCase TripCase organizes multiple flights, hotel reservations, and activities for travel plans. This app allows users to share their itinerary with family and friends and keep them updated via email notifications.
  3. Time Out: Time Out notifies travelers of fun things to do in the city they are visiting. It includes a comprehensive list of bars, restaurants, attractions and events visitors should attend. This app also has features that allow users to make dinner reservations, buy concert tickets and book other attractions.
  4. CityMaps2Go: CityMaps2Go allows travelers to view maps of places all over the world without internet access. The app also saves stories about local events and history of the town or city the traveler may like and links to the map for the traveler to view.
  5. BringFido: BringFido is the world’s leading pet travel app. It facilitates searching for hotels that will allow pets to stay with their owners during their travel excursions. BringFido also provides a list of local destinations near where travelers are staying for the pet and owner to explore, such as dog parks and other pet friendly areas.

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