Alternative Ways To Fund Your Upcoming Wedding

Alternative Ways To Fund Your Upcoming Wedding
Alternative Ways To Fund Your Upcoming Wedding

After the initial excitement of your engagement settles and your daydreams become a reality, budgeting for a wedding can be overwhelming and sour your plans. It seems like the responsibilities and planning never end, from picking a venue to selecting the font on the invitations. However, before you and your partner get too far down the planning path, y’all should figure out how much you’re willing to pay for everything. Setting a fixed budget will reduce stress and allow y’all to plan more efficiently. As y’all start planning, remember these alternative ways to fund your upcoming wedding, so you will have more options to make your daydreams come true.

Restructure Your Wedding Budget

Look, I get it. The weddings you see in magazines and on social media are downright gorgeous, but is it realistic for your wedding? It’s hard to face the reality of things when you’ve been dreaming of this moment for a while. So, it’s best to re-evaluate your budget and select which elements are a priority.

Do y’all really need an ice sculpture and 50 choices of champagne, or can y’all downsize? Sit down with your partner to restructure your wedding budget so y’all can spread the money and afford more with less.

Cut Back on Monthly Expenses

Once y’all have restructured your budget, find ways to include your must-haves. There’s a not-so-exciting way to achieve this: cut back on expenses. Cutting back doesn’t mean you have to give up your streaming services or your weekly stop at Starbucks.

Cutting back means finding a balance between what’s important and what you can do without. So, if that means pausing your nail appointments, dining out, or spontaneous trips to Target, then so be it. Remember, you can get more wiggle room in your budget by saving your spending money for your wedding.

Consider a Wedding Loan

If you can afford to pay off a personal loan, consider applying for a wedding loan. Obtaining a wedding loan includes many pros, including having easier access to cash and allowing y’all to pay for your wedding expenses quicker and with ease.

Many wedding loan providers offer loans to individuals with varying credit histories. However, it’s always best to consult your partner and a financial advisor before applying.

Ask Close Family Members for Help

One of the more secure alternative ways to fund your wedding is by asking close friends and family members for help. Their help can include smaller costs, like flowers, the cake, or the DJ. You can also ask for favors, such as help with photographing the event or decorating the venue.

However, y’all must remember these are your friends and family members. Only assign tasks to reliable people in your life. It would be a shame if a relationship ended because someone ordered the wrong types of flowers or ran late with the cake.

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