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Throwing a Brilliant Kids’ Birthday Bash on a Budget

These days, over a quarter of parents, are spending more than $500 on their kid’s first birthday. It’s easy to see how easily birthday costs can rack up over the years. However, birthday parties don’t have to be expensive to be a lot of fun. It is possible to organize a great New Year’s Party on a budget; the same is true when it comes to giving your kids a birthday party they will love. Rent out A Space The most cost-effective place to host your party is at home or if it’s

How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof

Your home is as cozy as it gets only if the roof up there is solid with no signs of leaks, loose shingles or missing tiles or pretty much anything that would warrant the presence of a handyman. However, you’ll know that repairs are long overdue when you spot a bunch of roof shingles scattered all over the deck and in your driveway or gutters precariously hanging. There’s more to these signs that mere loose shingles and leaks, though Signs of misalignment of shingles like some appearing

How to Deal with Office Distractions and Stay Focused on Work

Facing distractions in the office can often be very off-putting, killing your productivity and leaving you feeling annoyed and uninspired. An environment with a lot of distractions could even be damaging for your career as your efficiency levels fall, which isn’t good news at all. Here are a few tactics for dealing with the kinds of distractions you might face.

Colleagues talking
If you are surrounded by people who are talking when you just need to focus and write a report, it’s almost

Huge Cash Back deals during the Swagbucks Green Monday Sale!

You can earn money while saving it during Green Monday! The Cashback Shopping site Swagbucks is offering big cash back - 2x or more - at a number of different stores today only. They're also offering big payouts on a variety of different deals and offers from companies that would make great gift ideas. Get great deals without waiting in lines or even leaving your home! 

If you're not familiar with Swagbucks, they offer cash back in the form of points when you

Essential Bridal Shower & Hen Party Games

Weddings are exclusively happy events in the family, so are the Bridal Shower and the hen parties. They act as the icebreakers between the Bride & Grooms family and a stress buster for the Bride after long taxing sessions of dress trails, shopping etc.

There is no denial of the pressure, the would-be couple and especially a bride goes through and it's important to have a breather before the wedding.

Bridal showers make for some memorable moments for the Bride as well the relatives and

Ladies’ Wedding Hats – A Style Guide

If you’re attending a wedding in the coming months, you’re likely to have already extensively planned what you will be wearing. It’s a big occasion after all, and what better excuse is there to get down to the shops and pick up a stylish new outfit.

Once you’ve made your mind up on a gorgeous dress and chosen some suitably stunning footwear it’s important to consider how you’re going to bring the whole ensemble together.Fear not and follow this advice, there’s no more sure-fire

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