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6 Ideas for Creating a Stunning Contemporary Kitchen

The best way to create a stunning contemporary kitchen is to make it clean and simple. Getting your kitchen clean will make the room stunning and stylish. Using simple white cabinets will make your nice hardwood floors pop out and be noticed. You can also focus on other aesthetical choices and everything you add will make for better results, as long as you keep it all organised and neat. Think about the whats and whys of items you bring to the kitchen and then start work. You should use appliances

Waste Not ! Slash Your Food Waste

Think of an average meal: How much do you eat—and how much do you toss? What about at the end of the week when you empty your fridge: Is it pretty much the same routine? If you’re like most Americans, your waste probably almost matches what you eat. That’s because as much as 40 percent of our food gets tossed. That’s a huge drain—not just on your family budget but on the planet, too. It wastes water, land, and resources. One solution is to buy in bulk, especially those items that

Rent preschool toys from Pley!

**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Pley, the leading toy rental service, just added baby and preschool toys to their catalog. They offer dozens of educational toys from the best brands like LeapFrog®, vtech®, Lego®, Fisher Price®, and others. The little ones will enjoy playing with toys that can grow with them while parents can save money and avoid clutter. Start renting from Pley now. Enjoy the savings

Save on Coffee At Cross Country Cafe

I don't know about you but it seems like I can't even function without my  coffee. Here are some great deals I have found on coffee. Save $1.00 on all Gevalia Keurig Kcup coffees, use coupon code 1offgevalia126 at checkout! Offer expires Tues 2/9/16 at midnight EDT. And of course the Wacky Wednesday coffee sale which comes with a not too shabby 10% commission, with and average invoice of nearly $70.00 this has tremendous earning potential as well! Wacky Wednesday Weekly Coffee

Experience the #1 Rated Mattress in the World

Did you know that Tuft & Needle has the highest rated mattresses in the world? It's true, and for good reason. The Tuft & Needle team are really good listeners. While the rest of the industry chooses to use the same old outdated materials, Tuft & Needle took the initiative to innovate and perfect a unique foam that's based on sleeper feedback. Their proprietary foam is exceptionally breathable so it evenly and comfortably distributes body weight to ensure that the spine is aligned
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