Countertops That Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out
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Countertops That Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

Countertops That Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

The counters are one of the most important design choices when planning a kitchen. If you want something different and unique, check out the list I’ve whipped up of countertop materials to make your kitchen stand out!

Ceramic Tile

I’m all about having choices, and if y’all are like me, you can’t do any better than ceramic tile! With a ceramic tile countertop, you have a practically infinite selection of patterns and styles to choose from, including:

  • Herringbone
  • Hexagonal
  • Pinwheel
  • Staggered brick

Ceramic tile is simple to install, so you can make it a DIY project. It’s already one of the most affordable countertop materials, so installing it yourself could save a lot of money compared to other countertops!


Recently, I’m seeing concrete countertops more and more after they were a rarity in the kitchen for so long. These counters are as sturdy and durable as you might expect from something made of concrete!

Since concrete is so malleable, you can adjust and mold your countertops into whatever shape or dimension you’d like. You’ll get a sleek and modern look with concrete counters, which is why they’re so popular in contemporary kitchens everywhere.

Stainless Steel

Do you consider yourself an amateur chef and want your kitchen to reflect that? I know I do! Consider some restaurant-quality stainless steel countertops for your kitchen!

Stainless steel counters will immediately catch everyone’s eye and give your kitchen a professional, polished appearance. They’re durable and easy to clean, and if they’re good enough for the best restaurants, they must be good enough for your kitchen!

Reclaimed Wood

One counter material that’s slowly gaining popularity among homeowners is wood! Y’all would be excused if you think wooden kitchen countertops sound crazy, but they have many benefits to make your kitchen stand out.

Wood counters instantly make a kitchen feel cozy and comfortable, and they’re as durable as any other material you’ll find. Plus, it’s easy to match your kitchen countertops and cabinets when they’re both made of wood!


Perhaps the most interesting countertop material on my list is Zinc. It used to be a common feature of European bars and restaurants in the 20th century, but they’re becoming more common in everyday homes as a unique and attractive kitchen countertop.

Zinc countertops are naturally anti-bacterial, durable, and easy to clean, so they fit naturally in any kitchen. Zinc even changes colors over time as it develops a patina—which many homeowners and I love—because it gives their kitchen an aged and unique look.

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