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While hardwood floors are an adored addition to any home, there comes a time when your home needs a new floor. The planks of hardwood flooring you remove will still be in good condition, so don’t throw them out. Instead, try converting those hardwood floor planks into something new and unique to your home.

Wall Cladding

When you spend day after day sitting in the same room with the same walls, it can become rather boring. Some might even call it maddening. If you find yourself in this type of situation, don’t spend hundreds of dollars to repaint your walls. You don’t even have to spend money on rolls of wallpaper. All you need is your old hardwood flooring to transform your boring walls into a rustic retreat. The hardwood floor planks will most likely be well-worn from years of use, so they’ll provide a unique style to your walls. If you enjoy decorating your home in a minimalist or natural theme, you will find that cladding your walls in hardwood floor planks are the perfect way to create both themes in an affordable way.

Decorative Cabinets

Your home can always use more cabinets. Not only are they ideal pieces of furniture to provide your family with discrete storage space but they also act as display cases for important family knick-knacks and other sentimental or delicate items. Cabinets created from used hardwood flooring will have a very unique aesthetic that will lend a complimentary look to any decorative theme. A cabinet created from the reused hardwood flooring of your home would also make a stunning gift to give any child that’s moving out of the house and into their own home. It would add a personal touch to their new place and give them a connection to their childhood home simultaneously.

Picnic Table

Hardwood flooring is specially designed to be smooth enough to walk on with bare feet and sturdy enough to support the weight of people and furniture for years at a time. These two traits make hardwood flooring planks the perfect material to use when building your very own picnic table. Picnic tables are usually built with planks of wood the same width as hardwood flooring, so the transition will be relatively seamless. The family picnic table can either be a simple table held up by two sections of cross beams or it can be a picnic table with matching seats. When turning your hardwood flooring into a picnic table and seat set, remember to sand the wood and add an extra coating of wood sealer. This will help to protect your family against splinters and will protect the picnic table and seats from becoming damaged by rain and other liquids.

Bedroom Dresser

While many people prefer to use a closet to store their clothes, you may be someone who still enjoys a more traditional method of storing clothes. If your current bedroom dresser is on its last legs or if you’re looking to add a new dresser to your existing bedroom set, crafting a dresser of your very own using repurposed hardwood flooring is an affordable option. Not only does crafting your own bedroom dresser allow you to customize the dimensions and design of the dresser, it also gives you an opportunity to transform a weekend project into a family bonding experience as you bring your children into the building process. This will turn your do-it-yourself bedroom dresser into a family heirloom with sentimental value.

Kitchen Intricacies

Your old hardwood flooring can prove quite useful to you in your kitchen, believe it or not. If you have an island bar in your kitchen that could use a new fa├žade, spruce up those old hardwood floor planks and attach them to your kitchen island bar in a decorative design motif that will add charm and life to the theme of your kitchen decor. The hardwood floor planks can be attached to your kitchen island bar in horizontal rows to give it a uniform and rustic aesthetic. Alternatively, you can attach the hardwood floor planks to the kitchen island bar in a vertical pattern to create a unique and modern take on a classic design option. These reused hardwood floor planks can also be used to add a natural accent to one or more of your kitchen walls.

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