How To Get a Cottage-Style Look
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How To Get a Cottage-Style Look

How To Get a Cottage-Style Look

Rustic, charming, vintage, and cozy are words often used to describe the cottage style. I envision billowing shrubs full of big flowers and cabbage roses—a tranquil getaway from the outside world. Thankfully, any home can get that feeling we all love, whether we live in suburbia or far out in the woods. I’ve got some ideas on how to get a cottage-style look, no matter where you live.

Welcoming Furniture

Cottage style lovingly says “come on in” as soon as you open the front door.I don’t know about y’all, but I want to see my guests drop their bags at the door, breathe a sigh of relief, and come plop down on my couch. I want to see the weight they’re carrying lift right off their shoulders because they know it’s time to relax. Ladies, our furniture can inspire that feeling.

Especially with a cottage design, make furniture accessible and inviting by using slipcovers that are easily removable and washable. Cushions full of soft stuffing, and maybe a little worn (well-loved) tell friends and family to curl up and enjoy.

Worn Pieces

Speaking of worn cushions, throw a few other worn elements into the mix of your home décor. Wood pieces, such as dining room tables, coffee and end tables, decorative shelves, and hutches all create an instant cottage look with perfectly chipped paint and roughed-up edges. If y’all love a good flea market, they’re a gold mine when creating a cottage-style look and searching for worn treasures.

Your Windows

Windows make a big impact on a home. The “face” of your house is either going to say “boring” or “adorable.” I vote for adorable, and that perfectly describes cottage style. To make an instant cottage impact as people pull into your driveway, I say, add exterior shutters.

Shutters are perfectly cottage and charming. I love them because they can just sit there and look cute or open and close to cover the windows. It’s up to you. Nothing thrills me more than installing something on my home that gives me options.

Oh, and for major cottage style, add some window boxes along with the shutters. Blooming flowers at each window? Cuteness overload. Are y’all itching to get some projects done now?

Vintage Collections

Vintage finds go perfectly with a cottage-style décor. A little piece here and there or a house full of little collections both top off cottage style with charm and nostalgia. Group small collections on shelves, fill old hutches with old dishes, or hang groups of oil paintings found while antiquing. I love to give y’all a reason to hit those flea markets. You’re welcome.

Natural Elements

If you’ve found some old brick or stone in your home, please don’t cover it up. Even if just a little is peeking out, those natural elements lend to the warmth and rustic feel of cottage style. Think fireplaces and backsplashes when adding some natural elements to your cottage-style home.

Well, I hope I’ve given you some fun ideas to turn your regular home into a cottage getaway. It’s your house, and you have a sparkling, warm personality. Let that personality shine through in your home with a welcoming cottage style.

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