How To Let Your Wedding Party Express Their Style

How To Let Your Wedding Party Express Their Style
How To Let Your Wedding Party Express Their Style

Style is all about personal preferences and wearing items that make you look your best. When you’re part of the wedding party, there’s usually less freedom over what you wear since the couple decides on apparel rules. But nowadays, some people are more lenient about this and allow wedding party members to be a bit freer in choosing what to wear. As you begin planning your big day, find out how to let your wedding party members express their style while still looking amazing at your side.

Set a Color Palette

Many couples decide on a color palette and allow wedding party members to pick anything they want to wear so long as it’s within that set of hues. So, if you establish a fresh lilac color scheme, y’all could allow all your party to wear any style and length of dress so long as it’s that color. This way, everyone can wear the type of dress that most suits their body type.

Establish a Single Style

If you don’t mind different colors but still want a bit of unity between each individual, you could also require a specific style. This may mean everyone wearing a dress has the same gown but in a different color. Moreover, y’all can suggest a list of hues for people to choose from or allow them to select any color they want.

When it comes to suits, they should also be the same style and material since doing otherwise can create a look that’s not unified. A key tip for choosing the right tuxedo fabric is to consider your preferred type and the time of year. Options such as flannel are ideal for winter, but linen is perfect for a summer wedding. While you should have all suits be the same material, the color of the button-up shirt can vary.

Pro Tip

You could also have the color of the button-ups match the dresses for an added sense of unity in your party.

Allow Them To Accessorize

Accessories allow your guests to make subtle alterations to their outfits, giving your wedding party another way to express their style. Suitable and fun accessories can range from jewelry to socks. I love this idea because y’all can gift everyone something unique that’s also useful to them. For example, you may give each person wearing a suit a different colored pocket square based on their favorite color.

Don’t People Please

While there are many ways to let your wedding party express their style, it should never mean sacrificing your vision. If someone wants to wear a specific color, piece of apparel, or accessories y’all don’t like, you can always say no. This is your big day, and providing the wedding party with some freedom doesn’t have to mean they have complete free reign if that’s not what you want.

Establish apparel rules for the wedding party with your partner, then communicate them to everyone involved to prevent any unwanted surprises on your wedding day.

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