How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budge

How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budge

Y’all, my puppy is the cutest. Every time I get home from work and I see her loveable little face, I want to cry tears of joy. One day, I started to wonder: am I biased because I’m her owner? Or, will everyone think my pup is adorable? So, like everyone else these days, I searched for answers on the internet. I posted more and more photos of my dog on my Instagram. Before I knew it, she had her own Instagram account with more followers than me. Now, she’s insta-famous. If you think your dog is cute enough to take social media by storm, read this guide on how to make your dog Instagram famous. 


If you’re wondering how to make your dog Instagram famous, you need to start by doing lots of photoshoots with them. Everyone on Instagram loves photos of dogs. Build your pup’s following by taking adorable pics of them. However, this is easier said than done. Pups are sure to have some extra energy but to make sure they’re ready for the Instagram-spotlight, exercise Fido before you turn the camera on them. That way, you’ll get the perfect picture, and they’ll get their playtime in. Even if you’re stuck indoors, there are some rousing ways to exercise your dog.

Record Lots of Silly Videos 

Silly videos of my dog get the most likes on Instagram. In fact, it was because her videos got so many likes that I decided to make her an Instagram account. I try my hardest to always record her in her natural habitat—that’s usually when she’s being the most ridiculous. My dog’s most-liked video involves her and my makeup bag. The more outrageous and natural the videos are, the more likes they get. I never try to force any of these clips. Her followers would know things were unnatural if I posted a video of her cuddling with me on the couch. Keep this in mind if you’re wondering how to make your dog Instagram famous. People want to see how your dog behaves on a day-to-day basis—people can sense unnatural videos a mile away. 

Creative Hashtags 

Instagram is known for its hashtags. One way to make your dog Instagram famous is to come up with some creative hashtags for your pup. The more personal you are, the more popular your dog will be on social media. Try to incorporate your dog’s name into the hashtag so it’s easy for people to locate them on the social networking site. Be funny, too! The more clever the hashtag is, the more people will remember it. Funny hashtags are an excellent way to gain followers.

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