It’s Officially National School Lunch Week


Did you know National School Lunch Week is October 10 – 14? It’s not easy planning a healthy lunch when you’re making them day after day on top of the millions of other errands and activities on your family’s to-do list. Skip the typical PB&J and consider these ideas that will effortlessly give your child’s school lunch an extra nutritional boost.


  1. Yogurt with all the fixins’ – Stay away from packing processed yogurts with sugary additives and dress up your kid’s yogurt yourself with fresh fruit and Flax Chia Seeds. The protein and fiber from the flax chia blend is sure to keep your child satisfied from lunch all the way through their after-school activities.
  2. Need something crunchy? – Instead of your kids reaching for a bag of greasy chips, satisfy their crunchy craving with granola. On-the-go packs provide a perfectly portioned standalone snack or just the right amount to the top on their yogurts and even salads.
  3. When they want “olive” the snacksOlive snack packs will be the new go-to goodies your kid’s lunch has been missing. Not only are they delicious, but they’re a healthy, low-calorie, 100% natural snack for them to stay fueled throughout the school day.
  4. Skip the Soda – Kick the soda habit to the curb with a just-as-good alternative, Sparkling Ice Slim Cans. Combining sparkling water, natural flavors, vitamin C and antioxidants, the slim and compact size will easily fit into most standard lunch boxes/bags.

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