Hall of Fame

Are pictures all over your house with no rhyme or reason? Do you have tons of family pictures but don't like the way they are sprawled all over the house then I have an easy no cost way to make those pictures come to life. The first thing you need to do is gather all your pictures that are in frames. I did leave some pictures out on my mantel and some in my dining room but for the most part, I gathered the others. I didn't like the look of the frames of different colors but that was easily remedied.

More Than One Way To Wear A Maxi

I love when I can find more than one way to wear clothes. This past weekend we went to South Carolina to pick up our middle daughter. She had spent a week with friends. We were meeting them halfway between our house and theirs at South of the Border. Riding in my car is not my favorite thing to do. Sitting still makes the partial tear in my rotator cuff ache and hurt more. I wanted to be comfortable on our drive there, so I looked through my closet to see what I could wear that was comfortable. I

Wear Your Jewelry in More Than One Way

Ever felt that sometimes your jewelry is just so for lack of a better word blah? Ever want to get more use out of your jewelry? Here is an easy way to create new pieces without taking them apart so that you can wear your jewelry in more than one way. Today I am going to show how you can make a single strand or a multi strand necklace into more versatile necklaces. So you can get two looks for the price of one. You will need a necklace and some ribbon for this simple but stylish transformation. This

T Shirt Makeover for Less

Yesterday we attended a Railhawks game. If you are a fan of my other blog Adventures of Frugal Mom, then you know what big soccer fans we are. This year we were able to save up and buy season tickets. Being that the games are held outdoor and we live in North Carolina it gets hot. Just because I am sweating doesn't mean I can't be stylish doing it. I have been looking for cute clothes to wear to the games. I mean I don't want to wear the same clothes all the time. So today I decided on something

Vintage Present Table

Recently my oldest daughter graduated not only from high school but with her two-year degree from the community college. Getting your high school diploma and your college degree at the ripe age of 18, we wanted to do something to help celebrate this accomplishment. We decided to give her vintage country shabby chic party. We hosted it at the farm that she has worked at for the past three seasons. When I was going about trying to figure out how to decorate the card and present table I came across

Bad Hair Day Problem Solved

Happy Fourth everyone!! Just like everyone else today we spent it with friends and family at a cookout. Of course, today would be the day that I was having a bad hair day. No matter how much I straighten it or put Moroccan oil on it, it just would not do what I wanted it to do. Ever have days like this where you have someplace to go and you want to look good but your hair won't cooperate. For the most part I have a very simple hair style, a stacked bob. But because my hair is so thick when it starts
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