Hair Care: Save!

This is the second installment of Beauty on a Budget Splurge or Save.  I introduced you to the amazing Catherine Sutton a few days ago. Yesterday she shared her skin care tips now today see how she saves on hair care. Color: Another confession: I color my hair. It’s actually a much darker blond. I used to spend $90 every 6 weeks at the salon to have the perfect 3 shades of blond foiled into my hair. Obviously, I had to take matters into my own hands. At first, I tried the boxes of hair color

Skin Care: Splurge If You Can

This is the second installment of Beauty on a Budget Splurge or Save. Yesterday I introduced to you to the amazing Catherine Sutton. Today continue on the beauty on a budget journey with her skincare tips. Yes, you only get one face, but bottom line, you also have to eat. I used to use Arbonne Skin Care, and that is honestly the best my skin has ever looked. After J gets out of daycare, I may invest in this again, but right now I simply can’t afford it. I have been using and had good results

Beauty on a Budget – Splurge or Save?

I am super excited to have an amazing woman as well as teacher guest posting on the blog for the next few days as I am recovering from surgery. She will tell you how she saves on beauty items. She is an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out. Hope you enjoy her tips. Today is just the beginning check back to tomorrow to read more on her series beauty on a budget. Hello All! I was super excited when Melissa asked me to write a guest post for her blog. I have had to pleasure to teach one of her

Why I Chose Mary Kay

Champagne style bare budget is not always about being cheap it can mean that you pay a little more but for quality product. I have been privileged enough to know this young lady who posted this status on her Facebook post. I asked her if I can use it as a guest post and she said sure. She also guest posts on Adventures of Frugal Mom. She has a post about how her brother changed since going into the Air Force. You may want to check it out. But now read her guest post status here. Hey, guys!

Club W The Traditional Wine Club Re-imagined

  For wine lovers everywhere, we take the hassle, the guesswork and the pretentiousness out of the equation so all you have to focus on is enjoying a great bottle of wine. It all starts with a Palate Profile Quiz, 6 simple questions about the flavors you like. Based on your tastes, Club W will recommend wines for your Monthly Experience. Then, it’s up to you. Like the recommendations? Cool! Feeling like all reds this month? Switch it up and pick your own! Club W is the only wine club

Shoedazzle for All Your Shoe Needs

Take a short style quiz, picking out which styles of shoes, handbags, dresses, and other types of clothing you like and then Shoedazzle’s stylists will pick out items that match your style for you. On the first day of every month, Shoedazzle’s stylists will create a personalized set of items you are sure to enjoy. Each item on the Shoedazzle site is $39.95 and includes free shipping. However, once you have purchased an item from your personal showroom on the Shoedazzle site, your status is
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