Furoshiki A New Way to Gift Wrap

Christmas is right around the corner, and this year, step away from the plastic wrapping paper and gift bags in exchange for a more versatile, environmentally-friendly alternative. Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese practice that uses cloth or fabric to wrap gifts and transport items. Though it originated thousands of years back, it’s been adopted by gift-givers all over the country as a modern method of wrapping and transporting items of all different shapes and sizes. Invaluable created a neat

How to Deal with Office Distractions and Stay Focused on Work

Facing distractions in the office can often be very off-putting, killing your productivity and leaving you feeling annoyed and uninspired. An environment with a lot of distractions could even be damaging for your career as your efficiency levels fall, which isn’t good news at all. Here are a few tactics for dealing with the kinds of distractions you might face. Colleagues talking If you are surrounded by people who are talking when you just need to focus and write a report, it’s almost

7 Practical Tips for Green Remodeling of Your Home

We should all strive to create energy-efficient homes. On the one hand, you are reducing your carbon footprint to a minimum, and on the other hand, you are saving up more because eco-friendly solutions lower your utility bills. On paper, it is a win-win situation in every conceivable way. The only imaginable bump on the road might be the initial investment, but renovations are inevitable anyway. You might as well simply choose green. If an ambitious home-improvement project awaits, here are 7

How To Give Your Business That Winning Edge

Do you lay awake at nights wondering how to keep your business as up to date as possible? There is no denying that there are significant advantages to having an online store. One of the disadvantages, though, is that things change fast online. And, those who don’t manage to move with the times will find themselves battling to stay afloat. So, it is essential to keep track of changes. But if you want a booming business, you should be at the leading edge of these changes; that is - an early

Reasons Why Businesses Should Not Skip Instagram Stories

If your business has been skipping Instagram Stories so far, it is the right time now to consider giving it a go. Various Instagram stats are showing that the number of people using the social media platform recently exceeded 1 billion, which is just one of the reasons why your business needs to engage that massive audience as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons to convince you to start utilizing this amazing Instagram’s feature today: It is an essential feature of the platform

Wanderlust Quotes To Inspire Adventure

Literary legends, iconic travelers and educated globetrotters have been the primary source of travel inspiration for centuries. Before there were clever hashtags and colorful Instagram feeds to inspire wanderlust, there were books and memoirs. Some of which, have offered the greatest adventure advice of all time. While books offer some brilliant inspiration, sometimes you don’t feel like committing to a long read just to feel inspired to set out and explore this great world of ours, so why
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