Sustainable Wardrobe: How To Make Your Clothing Last Longer

Sustainable Wardrobe: How To Make Your Clothing Last Longer
Sustainable Wardrobe: How To Make Your Clothing Last Longer

We all have a favorite outfit or two, and caring for our garments is essential. The better you maintain your clothes, the longer the items last, which saves you money. Not sure how to keep your apparel in fantastic shape? In the article below, I’ve noted several tips on how to make your clothes last longer!

Follow the Care Requirements

The care label attached to your clothes may seem minor, but it can make all the difference in care. I always strive to read the care label before buying new apparel to determine how easy the item is to maintain. Some natural fabrics, such as linen or wool, are machine washable but often need to hang dry.

Pro Tip

Reviewing the tag also tells y’all what fabrics make up the item—materials such as cotton shrink when washed and dried at high temperatures.

Wash on Delicate

Washing your clothes on a delicate cycle is another critical tip to make your clothes last longer. Some materials may become “pilly” after you wash and dry them regularly. Remember that if the tag says, “dry clean only,” it’s best to leave it to the dry cleaners as machine washing could completely ruin the garment. 

Properly Remove Stains

When stains appear on your clothing, your first thought may be to use bleach, but this is not always the best solution. Bleach is harsh and can damage the fibers in the clothing, causing it to fade and deteriorate over time. 

Before tackling a clothing stain, consider the apparel’s material and the type of stain. For example, one of the key tips to safely remove stains from linen is to blot the affected area with a lemon juice and water solution. Relying on natural remedies first lessens the need for chemicals such as bleach.

Separate Colors

Believe me; sometimes, throwing all your clothes into one big heap to toss into the machine seems easier. While this makes washing more manageable for you, it can decrease the lifespan of your clothes as dyes may bleed while other fabrics have specific care requirements.

To avoid this, always separate your clothes into similar colors. Separating your clothes into light and dark colors is a helpful starting point. Sort by specific shades, and remember to wash new garments by themselves initially.

Hang Dry

One of the most significant contributors to clothing shrinkage, pilling, and fading is the heat and friction of the dryer. However, you can avoid all these issues by air-drying your clothes. Avoid over-stretching your clothes, especially knitwear, by folding them in half before setting them on a rack to dry. If you have to tumble dry, use the lowest heat setting, remove the clothes while they’re still slightly damp, and hang them to finish drying.

By caring for your clothes, you ensure you can wear them for as long as possible. With fewer trips to the clothing store, you can instead spend your money on quality attire!

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