How often Should I Clean That?

Some things are in obvious need of cleaning but for other things around the house, it isn’t quite so clear. Most of us will probably keep on top of things like the dishes and the laundry but other areas of the house can remain uncleaned for even years. This infographic from HappyCleans, a company who specializes in house cleaning in OKC looks around the house and tells you often many different things need cleaning. Fan vents are one thing we tend to avoid ever cleaning but these really need

Decluttering the Home

Through our daily lives, we will accumulate many belongings, that is just a basic fact. It's how we deal with those belongings though that decides whether our homes become a dumping ground of sorts for random items that really don't add value to your home. We also buy things like clothes maybe because of fashion trends but often out of necessity too. Without realizing it though, we can make our homes become a cluttered space and this can have an impact on how we view our property and how we enjoy

How to Deep Clean Your Home: Spring Cleaning Tips

Woohoo, spring is here! But the spring cleaning is here, too. Once the days become warmer, it’s time to put away your heavy winter clothes, open your windows and get your home ready for this exciting new season with some deep cleaning. If you don’t know where to start or how to deep clean your home, take a careful look at this guide. Make your stainless steel sparkle If you decided to pay a lot of money for your stainless steel appliances, make sure to keep them shiny and clean. Use a spray

Have you been Doing Your Laundry Wrong?

Doing laundry is one thing, but knowing when to do it is a whole other thing. You might actually be washing everything you own rather frequently and thereby wasting a lot of your energy as well as money. There are many types of clothing in a house, it includes the clothes you wear every day, bath towels, bed sheets and pillow covers, rugs, quilts, curtains, etc., and you do not need to wash all of them frequently. There are few which you need to wash on a daily basis while there are others that

The Borax Way to Get Rid of Ants was born as a result of a personal need to learn how to get rid of ants inexpensively and effectively. Hi - My name is Matt and I am the owner and creator of the one and only website on the internet that is dedicated solely to providing information on using borax as an ant killer. Here is the story... My mother had an ant invasion issue in her condo several years back. She does not have internet or even a computer, so she asked me to look up how to use borax to kill ants.

Free Printable Daily Cleaning Checklist

I have often thought to myself if I only I had a checklist to make sure I can get things done. Imagine my surprise the other day when I saw this daily checklist from Simply Stacie in my inbox. I immediately printed out the checklist and put it in a page protector. Why a page protector you ask? I know you are probably thinking so it won't get messed up but no that wasn't my reasoning actually. I actually put in the page protectors so I can use dry erase markers to check off the things on the list
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