fire pits

2018 Landscaping Trends

Even the smallest backyard is still a piece of nature that you can transform into a wonderful aesthetic area that will catch everyone’s eye. Whether you have a small or large space to landscape, as long as you’re creative and inspired, you can create a magnificent living spacw. From planting a variety of flora and adding a small fire pit to making outdoor rooms, your backyard will be the perfect cozy sanctuary you’ll enjoy for a long time. Outdoor rooms The trend of outdoor spaces being

How to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space without Breaking the Bank

No space in the home has received so much attention lately as the outdoor living space. In the past, this space was frequently overlooked at the expense of upgrading the interior design and making it cozy, homey and comfortable. It’s still equally important, but now, the focus has slowly shifted towards the outdoors and giving ourselves the chance to enjoy it as well by making it an extension of our indoor space. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas on how to remodel your patio, deck, porch
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