Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Exterior in the Summer
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Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Exterior in the Summer

Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Exterior in the Summer

The summer season is finally here! With the warm weather and extra-long days comes possible damage to your vehicle’s paint and exterior. Keep it looking fresh and new with these tips for protecting your car’s exterior this summer!

Wash By Hand

No matter what season it is, the best way to protect your vehicle’s exterior is by keeping it clean with regular washing. At least in the summer, you can enjoy the warm weather as you wash your car by hand.

Skip the car wash and its huge, tough bristles and high-powered water sprayers. They may claim to get your exterior cleaner, but it can damage your vehicle’s paint job. It’s one of the essential reasons you should always wash your own car.

Make It Shine With Wax

After you’ve got your car clean as a whistle, it’s time to make it shine like it just came off the lot. A wax coating doesn’t just make your vehicle look shiny; it also acts as a protective coating layer from elements like dust and sun.

One of the primary reasons a vehicle’s paint job fades is UV-ray damage caused by the sun. A layer of wax on your car’s paint acts like sunscreen, keeping your vehicle’s skin looking young and healthy. Experts recommend waxing your vehicle approximately every three months, so it’s best to do it once at the beginning of summer and then later towards the end of the season.

Seek Out Shade

Let me tell y’all, once you’ve got your car clean and waxed, your job doesn’t stop there. If you don’t have a garage or covered parking garage for your vehicle, it can still sustain UV-ray damage if left out in the sun all day.

It may seem like a hassle and take a few more minutes, but always be on the lookout for a parking spot with shade. But try to avoid large trees—they typically contain birds that may leave their droppings on your car’s pristine exterior!

Invest in Film Protection

If you want to protect your vehicle’s paint job further, you can invest in a film protection kit. Film protection acts as another layer of sunscreen for your car’s exterior and keeps the paint from fading due to UV rays.

Film protection also acts as a shield against minor dents and scratches. You can find paint protection film at practically any auto parts store.

Summer is the season for getting outside and enjoying the sun and the great outdoors. But all that sun, dirt, and sand can damage your vehicle’s paint job, so be sure to follow our tips for protecting your car’s exterior this summer!

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