Tips for Setting up a Homeschooling Area

Tips for Setting up a Homeschooling Area
Tips for Setting up a Homeschooling Area from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

As a mom and homeschool teacher, I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. One thing that has made my life a lot easier is having more structure. I started thinking about my kids and homeschooling, and I realized that we do homeschooling in every part of the house. Not only does this make my house a mess, but it makes it harder for my kids to focus. This got me thinking about how I could set up an area for homeschooling. Keep reading if y’all are interested in some tips for setting up a homeschooling area.

Stick To the Same Area

Designating an area that is meant for learning is one of the best tips for setting up a homeschooling area. This doesn’t mean that y’all must make a room for just homeschooling and nothing else. What I mean is that you should choose an area for homeschooling and teach in that area every day. When kids go to school, they stay in the classroom for most of the day. This causes them to associate that room with learning. When I homeschool my kids, we are always set up shop in our spare bedroom. We can still use the room if we have guests, but usually, there is a table and chairs in there. This helps my kids stay focused because they know that when we are in there, it is learning time.

Keep Supplies Nearby

Another helpful tip for setting up a homeschooling area is to keep supplies nearby. Having a room for homeschooling is ideal, but it’s not possible for all families. If y’all are homeschooling at the kitchen table, consider getting a cart or basket for supplies. This makes it easy to transition from school to dinner. Having supplies nearby also maximizes the time y’all can spend teaching. Running around looking for supplies as needed can disrupt the flow of the day, so having everything nearby helps you stay organized and focused.

Adjust As Needed

The final tip I have for y’all is to be open to change. Even though y’all will want to have it all together and get it right on the first go, good things take time. While being in the same room every day helps some children concentrate, other kids learn better when they are moving around. Homeschooling has many benefits, but the ability to adjust as needed is probably the best thing. If y’all are having trouble teaching at the table, try introducing a bean bag chair instead. Y’all can also change up your area based on the activity or lesson. The options are endless, so don’t be afraid to change it up or adjust when needed.

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