The engagement ring is one of the rings which is the sign of love and attachment between two people who are about to get married. Generally, people prefer gold to be used for engagement rings. Mostly in Indian weddings, gold engagement rings are exchanged as the sign of love. The reason for exchanging such rings is the promise that groom and bride do to each other for agreeing to marry each other.

Various Types of Engagement Rings from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Some couples wear the same type of unique engagement ring gold as a symbol of love. The engagement rings are worn by couples in the engagement ceremony. However, some couples also exchange rings in their marriage as well. Not only the couple, but gold rings are also very popular for gifting in weddings.  Well, if you think gold rings are the only rings suitable for the engagement ceremony, keep on reading to know what other types of engagement ring that you can use for your engagement ceremony.

Types of engagement rings

 There are many stones which can be included in a unique engagement ring.

  • The diamond engagement ring is one of the most attractive rings. Since these rings are very expensive, most of the people cannot afford them. Apart from this, ruby and sapphire are also expensive stones which people prefer getting stoned in their engagement ring. Addition of such stones to the ring doesn’t only make the ring beautiful but also make it very classy and expensive. The most liked combination is diamond and ruby for engagement rings.   The couple who want to try unique things in their wedding; they also prefer having the engagement rings of their favorite stone color to make the ring look unique and special. Talking about the stone color, a wide range of stones are available in the market.

Various Types of Engagement Rings from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

  • Some unique engagement ring gold consists of 3D printing where the partners write the name of their loved ones or write their date of birth to make the ring look very precious and beautiful. This technology is very expensive and needs skilled labor for making such engagement rings. The use of different styles and beautiful stones make the engagement ring very unique and classy. Most of the people prefer making their engagement rings in gold which are measured in carat. Carat is the measurement of the size of the gold. Apart from gold, there are some other types of metals which get used in making engagement rings.
  • Platinum and titanium are also one of the expensive metals that are used in making engagement rings. There are many styles of making engagement rings like square cut engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings, different stones in engagement rings, modern engagement rings and custom engagement rings.
  • The most common engagement ring is square cut engagement rings. It is considered as one of the best types of engagement rings. There are square cuts like Ascher cut diamond ring, princess cut and cushion cut engagement ring available on the market. Escher cut rings are very much popular and are square in shape. This type of shape is very much popular in engagement rings. Other than this, the princess cut is also very popular and looks bigger than the round cut rings. Lastly, the cushion cut diamond ring is the type of ring which has square cut with rounded corners. This type of engagement ring is indeed very expensive ring.

Various Types of Engagement Rings from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

  • Another type of engagement ring which is very popular and widely used is solitaire engagement rings. Solitaire engagement rings are very beautiful. A gemstone or a diamond is placed on the top of the engagement ring which makes the ring look elegant and beautiful.


Undoubtedly, there are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to choosing the best unique engagement rings gold. However, if you still can’t finalize what ring you should buy for your better half, we are sure that this post must have helped you for the same. Make sure when you buy a ring for your better half, you know what kind of ring she/he would like to get. Try to know their likes and dislikes to make the right choice. Also, don’t forget to research well about the jewelry online. Before making any purchase, keep such things in mind before finalizing the engagement ring, after all, it is your engagement ring. 

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