Why Fabric Matters When You Make Clothes
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Why Fabric Matters When You Make Clothes

Why Fabric Matters When You Make Clothes
Whether you sew clothes as a hobby or as a profession, you must use the right materials for each item. Here’s why fabric matters when you make clothes.

Many of us have new, pandemic-influenced hobbies that keep us busy. One such fun hobby is sewing and clothes-making! Sewing clothes is a highly detailed project that requires the utmost care and attention. Even the slightest misstep can ruin the stitching and alter the item’s appearance. But your carefulness must begin before bringing cloth to needle. Here is why fabric matters when you make clothes, even if it’s just for yourself!

You Need Certain Pliability

Fabrics have specific characteristics that impact their workability. The weight of the material will alter how you work it and how it affects the wearer. You also need to analyze the drape of the fabric. Drape refers to the flow of the material in terms of its stiffness or fluidity. For example, if you’re making an elegant ball gown, you may want a drapey fabric instead of a stiff one—depending on your style, of course! Another part of the fabric is its stretchiness. A denim workout set won’t do you much good when you’re trying to run on the treadmill! When you choose fabric for your next project, think about the fabric’s stretch, pliability, and how wearers will use it.

You Must Consider the Wearer

Whether you’re making clothes for yourself or profit, you must take the wearer into account. Ultimately, their experience with the clothing will determine how well you did your work. If you choose a fabric that doesn’t breathe well or is too difficult to move in, your customers will feel uncomfortable. Discomfort is a surefire way to dissuade future purchases. Even if you’re making clothes for yourself, I know y’all don’t want tight or scratchy clothes!

You May Add Decorative Touches

Crafting clothes allows you to express your personality and get creative—that’s why all the painstaking work is so rewarding. But y’all must choose a fabric that can withstand any stylistic and decorative touches you want to add. For example, if you want to bedazzle your pants, you need a material that’ll hold up under the heat of a hotfix tool or fabric that’ll latch onto the adhesive of strong glue. Or, if you decide you want to use one of the many types of ribbon to add an elegant bow or styled edge, your fabric must hold the new stitching well.

When y’all realize why fabric matters when you make clothes, it’ll change how you sew forever. With the right forethought and practice, you can create comfortable, decorative, and fun items with ease!

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