3 Upgrades To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
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3 Upgrades To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

3 Upgrades To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

When you look at your monthly utilities, do the numbers make you cringe? One of my least favorite parts of summer is the way the electric bill skyrockets with the temperatures. Even when it’s not hot outside, the cost of electricity, water, and heat can be a serious downer when it comes time to pay the bills. There must be a way to save money each month on these costs, right? There is! The best way to keep utility costs down is to make your house work less. Energy-efficient upgrades like new windows, strong insulation, and eco-friendly appliances will help you conserve power and water throughout the home. See what improvements y’all can make with these upgrades to make your home more energy efficient.

Let’s Talk Windows

If your windows are in poor shape, make them your first upgrades. Old, outdated windows often release the cold or hot air your home works so hard to create. If y’all keep feeling drafts or if a room’s temperature changes when you get close to the window, it’s time for an upgrade. Y’all can do a full replacement and invest in Energy Star-certified windows that offer the best temperature regulation for your home. Alternatively, y’all can fix up your current windows by sealing any gaps in the frame or sill with caulk. Y’all can also install storm windows for an extra layer of insulation.

It’s Never Too Late To Insulate

If the insulation in your home is worn down or outdated, it’s not going to do a good job keeping the cold or hot air out. Even if the walls of your house are insulated, air can seep out or in through the floors or attic. In the winter, poor insulation leads to cold rooms and frigid drafts. In the summer, it causes all that lovely, cool air your air conditioning produces to escape into the outdoors. Either way, poor insulation makes your heating or cooling work overtime, raising that utility bill. Learning how to properly insulate your home will make every room more comfortable and more efficient throughout the year.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

If y’all spend any time in the kitchen, you’re likely using a lot of power and water. Refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are major energy users. Do your home—and the environment—a favor by looking for energy-efficient replacements. If you’ve been looking for a newer or bigger fridge, start browsing Energy Star-rated models to find the most efficient choice. The same goes for ovens or dishwashers. Appliances that conserve water or power are some of the best upgrades to make your home more energy efficient. Plus, newer kitchen appliances boost the value of your home and make life much easier every time you cook or clean.

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