5 Chic Ideas To Steal for Decorating Your Entryway
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5 Chic Ideas To Steal for Decorating Your Entryway

5 Chic Ideas To Steal for Decorating Your Entryway

Entryways can set the tone for your entire home. They’re often a forgettable space in a house, but you can decorate even the smallest nooks to make them feel homey, y’all. It doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Just do what I did and take some tips from design experts. Here are a few chic ideas to steal for decorating your entryway.

Patterned Floors

Eschewing the traditional wooden planks for flooring with patterns will take your entryway from drab to stylish. Chevron, herringbone, and diagonals are geometric patterns that will give the space a modern feel.

Oversized Mirror

Is your entryway lacking in lighting? Hanging a large mirror can reduce the dreariness by increasing the natural light. Place a low bench beneath it, or add some hooks for hanging bags.

Table Lighting

An elaborate chandelier or modern overhead fixture is a typical go-to for foyers, but what about a table lamp? Overhead lighting can be pretty bright and aggressive; the soft lighting from a table light is more welcoming when you’re coming in from the dark. Plus, a side table can add functionality to your entryway.


Sometimes, decorating a foyer isn’t about adding style—maybe you just need a place to store your shoes and hang coats. Check out some different ways to add function to your foyer while keeping it cute:

  • Coat hooks and a bench are always welcome, as well as a side table. Add a key dish to the table, and you’ll never lose your keys again.
  • A dresser or a set of baskets can store the random odds and ends
  • Many people overlook umbrella stands, but they’re a necessity during springtime.
  • If your entryway is tiny, consider adding a bench with hidden storage to hide shoes and boots.

Area Rugs

Want a fast way to stop muddy footprints? An area rug made of durable jute or sisal can withstand heavy foot traffic while adding a natural bohemian vibe. (Incorporate live plants and macramé planters to expand on the boho decor, too.) Carpet runners are a perfect addition to narrow entryways: be sure to measure the space to find the correct size.

These are only a few of the many chic ideas to steal for decorating your entryway, but they can all add a pleasant touch to your home! Which ones will you steal?

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