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Breakfast that will Boost your Energy in the Morning


Do you have a deadline due soon within the day? Need to meet up with someone? Do you need to be energized to have the strength to do your tasks? Have to get up early to go to your international school in the Philippines? No doubt, each of us requires energy to achieve all our goals. Studies prove how eating breakfast each day, particularly 45 minutes after eating, helps the body to fully function well unlike those who don’t take breakfast. If you’re looking for the right breakfast foods to be energized, read these helpful boosters to help you become productive.

Food to keep in mind

Each food we eat contains certain nutrients which give out energy to last for the whole day. The serving of the food to intake should also be considered with thought, not just taking whatever portion we want. Some of the few foods to keep in mind to have for breakfast are:


  • Rich in protein – when we see the word protein, we initially think meat. There are numerous foods out there that are rich in protein and are recommended to have during breakfast. Some of these are eggs, yogurts, salmon, and tofu.
  • Contain whole grains – oatmeal and cereal are two favorite breakfast meals to have due to its whole grain content with refined carbohydrates and saturated fat.
  • Breakfast smoothie – making your own breakfast smoothie is easy once you’ve prepared all your ingredients, you just have to use a blender to mix them all up; freeze, and then you’re ready to go!


Prepare, eat, and boost!

No matter what time you got up in the morning and no matter how hectic your schedule might be, never neglect the chance of indulging in breakfast once you wake up. Here are suggested foods or recipes you can do to have yourself energized for the day!


  • Bananas

This yellow fruit contains potassium, antioxidants, and carbohydrates which will clearly give your body the needed energy boost. Instead of eating the fruit as it is, try to mix it up with your oatmeal, smoothie, fruit salad, or on your peanut butter sandwich.


  • Avocado

Known as “wonder food,” avocados comprise of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, has vitamin B, and fiber that serves as a great energy source. Similar to bananas, avocados are also easy to combine with other food which can help you become more boosted.


  • Egg

Anyone who’s on a budget can get all the eggs they want at an extremely affordable price! These are rich in vitamin B2, vitamin D, iron, and zinc which will surely help you last for the whole day. Simply add eggs on good combination foods to make sure you get that energy you need.

 Always start your day right by taking your breakfast meal each day to be pumped up and ready to take on whatever that comes your way on that day! Choose your food wisely because of the nutrients it can positively bring to your body. Be energized with all these great breakfast boosters!



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