The Beauty of Having Plants in the Workplace


In the Philippines, use of mixed designs in various buildings and architectures are being used by employers and companies to encourage and inspire their employees to work better. After all, who would not want to work inside a beautiful work of art?

But there are other ways to inspire them; one of these involves placing and growing plants in workplaces. There are actually many reasons as to why businesses need to start doing it. Here are some of them now.


Plants Create a Better Environment

Most people would agree that any environment where plants have been placed will be instantly better. They tend to make a place such as your office more inviting not only to the employees but also to potential clients as well.

A workplace without plants will appear bland and impersonal; your clienteles and customers will surely feel welcome if you placed a potted plant by the doorway or a small one on your desk.


A Fresher Air to Breathe

It is common knowledge that plants are a good source of oxygen, which is very essential for people’s survival which is why they are a very good and healthy addition to your work area, especially if you are located in the city where pollution is rampant.

They are known to reduce the CO2 as well as the mould, dust, and bacteria in the air at your workspace. They also clear out the toxins caused by cleaning products, carpets, furniture, paint, and plastics that can be found inside your office building.


Diminish Stress

The Nursery & Garden Industry in Australia has conducted a study that shows plants can actually reduce your stress levels. Aside from stress, putting plants inside will decrease the tension, anxiety, depression, anger, hostility, and fatigue of the individuals staying in this area.

Plants can instantly change a stressful setting and turn it into a relaxing and welcoming place for everyone involved in the office. If you need to lift your staff’s spirits up, then you should definitely consider getting some plants for your commercial space.


Increase Productivity and Creativity

A huge amount of carbon dioxide can lower down your employees’ level of concentration, which then leads to less productivity. It makes them slower when it comes to task completion, not to mention they are also more prone to making more mistakes at work. However, you can easily combat these issues by placing some plants in the office.

Aside from increasing the productivity rate in your company, you can also be sure that plants will also increase the creativity amongst your workers by 15%. According to theories, plants help people relax because of their ancient instinct that tells them there is food nearby.


Improve Overall Health

There have been reports that were made about placing plants in a company, they say it reduces employees’ non-attendance by about 50%. Minor illnesses have also been reduced by 30%. If you are a company owner, who is trying to reduce your costs in absenteeism, then you can be assured that plants will be able to help you resolve that.

Potted plants have more benefits aside from being a decoration inside your office building. Don’t wait any longer and place some plants to have a better and beautiful environment while you are working.


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