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In a world of technology and TV, children should always be encouraged to spend some time away from the screens and use their imagination to create their own fun. But every parent knows it can be hard to keep children constantly entertained without buying expensive toys, and to think of inexpensive activities is often a tricky challenge.

Thankfully, a great way to spend a rainy day at any time of year is by building a pillow fort. This is one of life’s great pleasures, a great bonding activity between parents and children, without costing a penny. By using items that you already have in your own home, you can create a pillow fort as elaborate or as simple as you like, using just sheets, blankets, cushions and clips – it’s easy! All it takes is 4 simple steps of finding the perfect site; such as behind a settee, between chairs or underneath a table, finding the materials and supplies to build the fort, constructing and then customizing to create your perfect palace.

Building a pillow fort helps to develop children’s creativity, and once it is complete, it also gives the child their own space to relax and play as they please. To keep the children busy for hours, allow them to customize the pillow fort, such as adding fairy lights or glow in the dark stickers and encourage them to bring in their favorite snacks and books.

Once you have finished bonding over building the fort – you can leave them in their own little world to hide away in, giving both you, and them, some peace and quiet! Follow the guide on how to build the perfect pillow fort by Mattress Online.

Pillowfort Infographic
Pillowfort Infographic by Mattress Online.

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