8 Natural Remedies for Bugs

Summertime is warm and welcoming and makes us feel right at home. With the nice summer breeze, having our windows and doors open seems like a really nice treat. Enjoying the summer breeze is nice until we accidentally welcome in some unwanted pesky pests that crawl in without notice.  Getting rid of these bugs may seem like a larger task that is, and could call for some potentially hazardous chemicals. If you have spotted some undesired bugs crawling around your home, stop yourself from

8 Core Services a Walk-In Clinic Should Always Offer

When an individual is underinsured or uninsured, or if they don’t have a primary care provider, it’s essential to know what healthcare options are available. Those who are reading this likely understand the importance of being prepared and knowing what their options are before facing an urgent situation.  There’s no need to wait until healthcare services are needed to find out what the role of a walk-in clinic is. While some of the most common services provided by these clinics

7 Solutions and Treatments to Addictions Everyone Should Know

There are several ways to combat addiction, and the treatments are never one-size-fits-all. As each person suffering from dependence is different, so too are the treatments. It is important to find the right treatment for your condition along with one that will have lasting results. Some individuals need more structure such as an intensive inpatient program, while others do well on a self-guided journey to recovery with minimal help from an outpatient program. Below are 7 solutions and

What We Didn’t Know About Sleeping

Who would have thought that something as ordinary as sleeping would hold so many unfamiliar things? From how many hours we should sleep at night and which positions are the best to what should we avoid if we want to sleep better. All of these things and more are carefully collected and detailed in an infographic created by DisturbMeNot’s team, which helps us understand why sleep is so important and what we can do to increase its quality. How long you should sleep depends on several factors Saying

Bake And Get Baked: A Brief Guide To Edibles For The Mary Jane Enthusiast

Marijuana use among adults has become mainstream as more states have legalized it. In 2017, 52 percent of Americans over 18 said they'd tried it. Another 44 percent who tried it once said they still consume it. But smoking marijuana isn't for everyone. If you like how cannabis makes you feel but don't love the experience of smoking, that's OK. Plenty of people prefer eating edibles to lighting up. But eating edibles for the first time can come with its own set of questions. You probably
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