How To Add Historic Charm To a New Home

How To Add Historic Charm To a New Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
How To Add Historic Charm To a New Home

I don’t want my house to be cookie-cutter, y’all. There’s nothing worse than driving down the block and realizing that all the houses look the same. I want my house to have character. If you’re like me, read this guide on how to add historic charm to a new home. Following this advice will ensure that your place stands out from the rest.

Antiques Are Awesome

Y’all, I love going antiquing. There’s nothing better than digging through piles of items hoping to find a hidden treasure. Plus, antiques are a great way to bring a touch of history to your home’s design. For example, there are so many fabulous ways to decorate your home with antique silver. I’ve found so many gorgeous antique silver picture frames on my treasure-hunting adventures. I’m also obsessed with a few pieces of vintage furniture I’ve purchased. I want people to feel like they’ve stepped through time when they step foot in my house, y’all.

Hardware & Lighting

Many people adore the look of industrial interior design. This isn’t true for me, y’all. I think metal accessories are too cold and make a space feel stuffy. That’s why I look for hardware and lighting that’ll give my home a historical touch. For example, I’ve bought quite a few brass doorknobs that stand out against my neutral color palette. I’ve also bought chandeliers that look like they’ve gone through a time machine. I’ve researched what styles were popular back in the day, so my place looks authentic to history buffs.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Another tip on how to add historic charm to a new home is to embrace imperfection. One of the reasons I don’t love newer houses is because they’re too structured. I want to see worn-out elements from back in the day. If you can, keep the original crown molding in your house. Another idea is to keep the initial window frames for an added historical touch; the more historical features you preserve, the better. Your home will definitely stand out if you embrace the imperfections that scare other homeowners.

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