How To Keep Your Kids Warm for Fun in the Snow
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How To Keep Your Kids Warm for Fun in the Snow

How To Keep Your Kids Warm for Fun in the Snow
How To Keep Your Kids Warm for Fun in the Snow

Sometimes, we moms just need a few minutes to ourselves. In the winter, one of the best ways to get that precious alone time is to send the kids out to play in the snow. Plus, they get a little fresh air! But what you don’t want is for your kids to come in 10 minutes after going out complaining that they can’t feel their fingers. Here’s how to keep your kids warm for fun in the snow.

Dress Them in Layers

Alright, y’all, this is the most important tip to remember: dress your kids in layers! Layering is the secret to keeping your kids warm in the cold weather. Start by choosing a thermal base layer, pop them into their normal play clothes next, and finally, bundle them up in their winter coats and snow pants. These three layers combined will help your kids to stay warm and dry without overheating.

Avoid Jeans

You might think it makes sense to dress your kids in jeans for outdoor winter play. But avoid doing this when possible! Jeans consist of cotton, and they take forever to dry. If your kids’ jeans get wet while they’re out playing in the snow, they’ll get cold much more quickly than if they were wearing pants made from a different material.

Choose Mittens Over Gloves

If your kids complain about cold fingers, try dressing them in mittens rather than gloves. Gloves separate the fingers, but in mittens, your little one’s fingers will be able to warm one another. If you want to add even more warmth, try putting hand warmers in your kids’ mittens.

Pay Attention To Footwear

Little feet can get cold quickly too, so always be aware of the kind of footwear your kids are wearing while playing in the snow. Dress them in warm wool or synthetic socks (not cotton!) and durable, insulated, waterproof boots. That way, their feet will stay warm and dry, and they’ll be much happier when they come back inside!

Limit Outdoor Playtime in Extreme Cold

If the weather is extremely cold (as in below freezing), it may be wise to limit your kids’ playtime outside—no matter how fluffy the snow is. If it’s too cold, and they stay out too long, you risk one of them getting frostbite or hypothermia, neither of which is any fun for you or them to deal with. Keep an eye on the weather and set a time limit for outdoor play on very cold days.

Learning how to keep your kids warm for fun in the snow will help them (and you) look forward to outdoor winter play. After all, your kids should be making good winter memories, not memories of having frozen toes.

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