How To Make Old Furniture Look Luxurious

How To Make Old Furniture Look Luxurious
How To Make Old Furniture Look Luxurious

Refurnishing your home gets expensive quickly. Why not save a few bucks by giving your current pieces new life? Learning how to make old furniture look luxurious is an easy way to transform your space. Here are some of my favorite ways to revive, refresh, and restore pieces that have potential.

Restore Wood Pieces

Y’all know that I love an antique piece of furniture. The trick is finding ways to bring older structures into the modern age. The first step is learning to care for wood furniture, so it lasts longer.

One of my favorite ways to restore wood pieces is by applying a new stain. You can still keep the charming, rustic nature of the wood if you refresh its natural color and grain. You could also decorate your wooden chests and tables with doilies, table runners, and other trinkets if you’re looking for an easier project.

Revive With Fresh Paint

My furniture has seen a lot of action over the years. If your pieces look a little worse for wear, revive them with a fresh coat of paint. New paint can hide scuff marks and other blemishes that could bring down the value.

Y’all don’t have to change the entire look of your piece if you enjoy its original aesthetic. Matching paint colors is easy if you consult with a professional. However, I like to prep my pieces by sanding down the original paint and applying a new, trendy shade.

Reupholster Fabric Furniture

If y’all want to make old furniture look luxurious, don’t forget about your fabric pieces. Couches and other upholstered furniture show damage more clearly. Fabric fades, tears, and holds onto stains, making pieces look cheap and unattractive.

Instead of tossing damaged furniture, consider reupholstering those pieces. Pick out some textured fabric in a bold color to transform your sofa. You could even swap the current upholstery with leather for ultra-opulence.

Refresh Dingy Hardware

You can tell how old something is by its hardware. For example, dated knobs can make drawers and chests look ancient, and not in a good way! I find that refreshing dingy hardware with more modern elements makes furniture instantly look more glamorous.

Swap your armoire door knobs, chair feet, and other visible components with contemporary materials. Copper, brass, and crystal will create an expensive illusion. Plus, changing furniture hardware is easy to do on your own, so y’all won’t have to pay someone to do the work for you.

One of my favorite ways to redecorate my home is by repurposing what I already have. Use these tips in your own space to design the luxurious home of your dreams.

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