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Essential Oils to Help You Sleep Better

Essential Oils to Help You Sleep Better from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
Everyone has trouble getting much-needed sleep at some point in their life. It can be so frustrating that you start to look for solutions anywhere and everywhere. Some of the solutions, like counting sheep, don’t even work! So, what’s a frustrated and tired person to do when they can’t sleep? Sure, you can start taking sleep-inducing medications but those can leave you waking up groggy in the morning. Some people, especially those with young children, notice that these medications make

DIY Bar Soap with Epsom Salt

DIY Bar Soap with epsom salt

Soap has been around for thousands of years - but did you know that making your own is both easy and cost effective? Customize it with the essential oil and color of your choice to make a bar soap you truly love or make gifts for family and friends.

This recipe produces one bar of soap:

1/3 cup glycerin
¼ teaspoon Essential oil
½  teaspoon Epsom salt
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Food coloring
Soap mold


Place glycerin in a glass or ceramic bowl

Homemade Shaving Cream From Essential Oils


Hi there, my name is Jack Prenter and I’m the founder of KnownMan.com. As a man who likes to ensure that I’m constantly clean shaven, smartly dressed and well-prepared for the day, I find that I spend a lot of money on shaving. Looking at the ingredients in shaving cream I was surprised at how many there were; it seems like such a simple product?
My response was to go out and create my own shaving cream. Something which I could use on a daily basis and would know exactly what it contained.

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