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Candy Makes Everything Better

Today is my birthday. To say that I am blessed would be an overstatement. This year has been a rough year so far but thank goodness today has been good. It was made better by the creativity of my daughters and husband. They took a simple bouquet that you can get at Walmart and gave it their special touch with just a little bit of time but what a stunning display it made. Plus I felt so special that I didn't just get an ordinary thing of flowers. How did they make the bouquet special, you ask? They

Let’s Begin With Flowers

Champagne Style does not need to mean that you have to break the bank to create it. In my first post about how to create this style and to show you how simple it is to obtain, I am letting you know anything can look fabulous if you add some gorgeous flowers to your d├ęcor. If you think that you cannot make your own floral arrangements then you are wrong. Having fresh flowers can bring even the dullest space to life. Here is an easy way to make your own arrangements. First you need to invest in
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