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Skip the Sweets this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is known for its sugary sweets, and while you may think passing out candy is a good way to spread the love, creating healthier alternatives from the heart can be so much sweeter for the loved ones in your life. AquaBall, the only zero-calorie, sugar-free and preservative-free children’s beverage, created a special infographic to help you pick healthier options for your loved ones. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Book A Woman of Love

Women are made to be lovedNot Understood
Valentines isn't just for men and women, it is also about showing your friends how much you love them. This would be a great book to share with your girlfriends. Maybe even an excuse to get together every week to do the study. And the best part it is free right now. Learn what it takes to be a  A Woman of Love in this eight lesson study. Through the inspiring story of Ruth and Naomi, women will be taught how to love each other, develop true and lasting intimacy and trust, and be

7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy for the Holidays

1. Watch those baked treats. We all love to bake during the holidays, even for dogs, and if your kitchen is like mine, everything from chocolate chips to caramel bits and more can be sitting out on the counter. Making sure these ingredients are up away from your pet’s nose and mouth is imperative. We all know chocolate is bad for pets, but any overconsumption of human food can be a very bad thing. Make sure all your food and the things that make it are put safely away when you’re

Quick, Easy Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home for the Holidays

pet proof your home
To truly pet-proof your home, start by getting down on the floor to see the world the way your pet sees it. This allows you to spot potential hazards that you might not notice from your vantage point.     Treat your Pet like you would a Child: Active puppies and kittens can easily get into dangerous situations. Use safety gates in areas where dangerous holiday items are to prevent your pet from getting into trouble.     Take Caution with Wires: Pets can easily injure

Wall Street Expert Give His Tips for Holiday Shopping

The last thing people want at the start of a new year is a pile of bills and debt collected from holiday shopping. Too often the stress of spending money on presents, food, and decorations can stop you from enjoying the holiday season. Former Wall Street executive and finance specialist, Peter Treadway, provides his tips for helpful holiday shopping advice. Don’t go anywhere until you budget: Smart spending for the holidays starts with a budget. Instead of setting a list of people to
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