Tips for Assembling the Perfect Bridal Party

Tips for Assembling the Perfect Bridal Party
Tips for Assembling the Perfect Bridal Party

Your wedding is a day of love, and not just romantic love. In addition to standing at the altar with your significant other, you’ll be surrounded by your wedding party—a group of beloved friends and family members who have had your back through thick and thin. But how do y’all choose and prepare this group to ensure that your bridal party—like all other aspects of your wedding—is ready to go on your big day? From picking the right people to helping everyone look their best in wedding photos, check out my tips for assembling the perfect bridal party.

Put Yourself First

There are a lot of rules about who you should and shouldn’t pick to be in your wedding party. How do you invite everyone you want without leaving someone feeling stressed or left out? The truth is, y’all can’t always please everyone. That’s why my advice is to focus on who you want and need at your side on your big day.

Want to keep the group small with just a sister and a childhood best friend by your side? Go for it! Want a massive wedding party that includes all your favorite people? Good for you! The last thing y’all want to do is sacrifice your own wedding day to make everyone else’s experience perfect. Just choose the people who love and support you and will make your special day as meaningful as possible.

Bend the Rules

Let me tell you a secret that many brides need to hear as they plan their wedding: tradition is great, but it doesn’t have to dictate everything. One of the most exhilarating and helpful tips for assembling the perfect bridal party is to bend the rules to fit what y’all want and need. Do you want to have uneven sides in your wedding party, or have women on the groom’s side and men by the bride’s side, or any other twist that puts you outside the norm? Just do it! Go with your heart and create a ceremony that feels right for you and your group.

Get Creative With Outfits

Outfit planning is a huge part of putting together the perfect bridal party. Pay attention to key things like your wedding theme and colors, helping everyone match, and making sure your party feels comfortable. Don’t focus on just the bridesmaids, either; finding the right fit for your groomsmen is just as important.

Wedding party outfits don’t have to be serious, though. Remember when I said y’all could bend the rules? That applies here, too. For example, you can choose outfits that coordinate rather than focusing on creating a perfectly uniform party. Don’t be afraid to get creative with designs, accessories, and other details that can help your bridal party look their best on the big day.

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