Tips for Updating a Bathroom Without Renovating
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Tips for Updating a Bathroom Without Renovating

Tips for Updating a Bathroom Without Renovating

When there isn’t time or money to completely remodel a bathroom, it’s still possible to make it enjoyable, stylish, and updated. Follow along as I talk about some tips for updating a bathroom without renovating. A few easy updates will breathe new life into a tired bathroom.

Paint Everything

When my family sees me with a paintbrush, they go running, worried I may paint them as well. I love to paint! It hides a multitude of sins and freshens up any room or piece of furniture. Don’t paint the kids but do paint whatever you can in your bathroom. Here’s what I do with paint when my outdated bathroom is begging for a makeover:

  • Paint the vanity: make it a bright, cheery color or use white which is always a fresh look.
  • Paint the walls, door, and trim: try white or a glossy black for trim and a light color on the walls. Choose semigloss so it’s easily washable and resistant to moisture.

New Flooring

One area to splurge is with the floor. It’s hard to make an old floor look new without replacing it. Thankfully, most bathrooms are small, so replacing a floor won’t cost all that much.

Hardwood floors are always a lovely choice and great for resale. Go ahead and replace that worn-out old linoleum floor with hardwood, but make sure you choose the right wood and care for the floor properly in the bathroom so it lasts. Engineered hardwood is an excellent option since it’s durable and won’t warp.

New Faucet and Fixtures

For a quick facelift in your bathroom, install new faucets and light fixtures. This quickly takes the bathroom from outdated to modern, or whatever style you choose.

Replace or Enhance the Mirror

Those giant mirrors above our sinks can get boring and feel outdated. Try adding a frame around the one you have, using painted wood. There are even stick-on mirror frames you can buy online to easily frame around your mirror.

If framing isn’t your thing, you can replace your boring mirror with two smaller ones or one big, new mirror. Since bathroom mirrors tend to take up a good amount of wall space, a new mirror makes a big difference.

Time To Decorate

Y’all know this is my favorite part. Your newly updated bathroom is now like a blank canvas, which means it’s time to decorate! Here are some simple and fun decorating ideas for the bathroom:

  • Plants bring an earthy and fresh feeling to the bathroom.
  • Mirrors on any wall, especially a collection of them, make the space look and feel larger. Besides, after your beauty routine, a few extra peeks at your fabulous self won’t hurt.
  • Hang some fun artwork.
  • Quirky signs that make guests giggle are an entertaining way to decorate.

Bathrooms are one of my favorite places to renovate over a weekend. Using my tips for updating a bathroom without remodeling is the perfect way to give your worn-out bathroom an overhaul with little fuss.

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