Warning Signs for When You Need To Replace Your Car’s Tires

Warning Signs for When You Need To Replace Your Car’s Tires

Warning Signs for When You Need To Replace Your Car’s Tires

Vehicle maintenance can be difficult, especially if y’all are like me and have little prior knowledge of cars. However, certain aspects are handy to know in case y’all find yourself in a situation with no help. To ensure your vehicle is in working condition, be familiar with the warning signs for when you need to replace the tires on your car.

Are They More Than 6 Years Old?

First and foremost, how old are the tires on your current vehicle? If they are over six years old, it’s time to do away with the old and bring in the new. Any tire older than this on your car will likely show signs of damage soon and could become a hazard—especially in wet or cold weather conditions because they offer no traction from ice or water.

Uneven Treads

The tread is what grips the road when y’all drive; when this is no longer there or is wearing unevenly, it can pose a threat while driving. Y’all can test your tread by placing a penny between the grooves with Lincoln’s head facing down—if y’all can see the top of his head, y’all need new tires. If the tread is uneven, try rotating your tires, so they wear down more evenly.

Bulges and Cracks

Are y’all noticing any drying cracks or bulges along the sidewalls of your tires? This could happen from weather, hitting a curb, and poor alignment. If y’all hit something and need new tires, it’s also essential to replace damaged rims. Ignoring the cracks or bulges could cause your tire to blow out, creating a major issue.

Poor Road Traction

I found that my car drove poorly when it was raining, which was a warning sign that my tires were bald and I needed replacements. If your vehicle seems to be moving around the road a lot or hydroplaning more than normal, it could be a warning sign that your tires are old. Avoid accidents and replace them as quickly as possible.

Ignoring any of these warning signs could be dangerous while you’re driving and could cause an avoidable accident. Y’all need to understand how your vehicle works, so y’all can prevent mistakes from happening. Keep an eye on your tires and replace them every six years if y’all don’t notice other signs.

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  • Luke Smith

    I like that you pointed out how ignoring the cracks or bulges could cause the tire to blow out, which would create a major issue. I was inspecting our car earlier and I noticed that there are actually cracks on the tires now. Ignoring the cracks would be dangerous, so I should probably get a new set from a type shop as soon as possible.

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