3 Ways To Make Your Hardwood Floors Last Longer

3 Ways To Make Your Hardwood Floors Last Longer
3 Ways To Make Your Hardwood Floors Last Longer

All good things come to an end, but that end doesn’t have to be anytime soon. When it comes to your home, a little love and care can keep each room as clean and beautiful as the day you moved in. Even more importantly, that care can save you time and money on expensive repairs or replacements. If y’all have gorgeous, gleaming hardwood or engineered hardwood floors in your home, a little effort goes a long way. Keep your floors in good shape and let your home shine with natural beauty for years to come with these ways to make your hardwood floors last longer.

Start off on the Right Foot

The easiest way to keep something in good shape is to prioritize it from the beginning. Don’t look back on this moment years from now and wish you’d done things differently. When you take good care of your floors from the start, preserving them over the years becomes easy. The first step is to make sure you install your floors properly. That might mean hanging up your DIY apron and handing the job over to a professional to ensure your floors are sturdy, even, and have enough room to expand safely with the seasons. Next, seal your hardwood floors for an extra layer of protection. Once your floors are move-in ready, invest in gentle, wood-safe cleaning products to kickstart your cleaning routine.

Build Floor-Safe Habits

Building smart and careful habits is one of the best ways to make your hardwood floors last longer. Little tweaks to your daily routine can make a huge difference to your wood floors. For example, it only takes a few seconds to leave your shoes at the door, but walking barefoot through your home prevents you from tracking in dirt and grinding it into your flooring’s finish. The small act of taking your shoes off when you walk inside pays off in a huge way. Other simple yet effective floor-safe habits include sweeping regularly, keeping a towel on hand to quickly dry spills, and placing felt pads on the feet of your furniture.

Defensive Decor

The decorations you use inside your home can also help you protect your hardwood floors. Cozy and colorful area rugs add a comfortable and protective layer to your wood floors. You can also place mats or runners over high-traffic areas, such as entryways or main hallways. With so many different color and design options, you can choose a rug that complements your style while also preserving your beautiful wood floors.

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