4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Dog Treats

4 Reasons to Invest in Quality Dog Treats

When you get a dog, you’re adding a new beloved member to your family. It’s up to you to care for your dog and make sure that they’re healthy and happy in your home. One thing that most dog families swear by is dog treats. Like humans, dogs enjoy treats. Again, like humans, the consumption of these treats needs to be controlled as dogs can easily gain weight and become unhealthy. However, treats do have their place in a balanced doggy diet. Here are some great reasons to invest in some quality treats for your dog.

  1. Health

Dog treats are an integral part of a well-balanced diet, especially if you research the right treats for your dog. Many pet owners try to get the highest quality food that they can reasonably afford for their pets, as it keeps them happy and healthy and reduces the likelihood of gastrointestinal issues.

The same principles should apply to dog treats. Unfortunately, dog treats, much like human treats, can be full of things they shouldn’t eat. They can be high in fat or, even worse, high in carbohydrates like wheat or other grains. Dogs don’t have the same dietary needs as humans, meaning that they need fewer carbohydrates and more protein. 

Brands like barking buddha dog treats specialize in healthy, well-rounded treats with natural ingredients that your dog will love. 

  1. Training

Dog training is an important part of being a dog owner. As well as being responsible for their health, you are responsible for your dog’s training. Ideally, you should start when your dog is still a puppy.

This way, you can transition from simple training, like house training or recall, or more complex training and tricks. Puppies aren’t very good at paying attention, which is where treats come into the picture.

If you train using treats, then your puppy and dog is more likely to pick up on what you’re trying to teach them. They also enjoy training more. Treats can be a brilliant training tool.

  1. Enrichment

Some dog treats are designed to entertain your pooch, rather than just act as a tasty snack. Dogs enjoy chewing things, and they also like puzzles. A chew toy or treat that allows your dog to chew will provide them with the entertainment and enrichment they need.

Not only this, but these toys and treats prevent your dog from chewing things that you’d rather they didn’t such as your furniture.

  1. Dental Care

Chew toys and treats also help your dogs to keep their teeth healthy. Chewing cleans their teeth, and you can take it to the next level by providing specialized dental treats.

You might not think about your dog’s teeth that much, but they need their teeth looking after as much as any human. Regular cleaning and checkups will prevent plaque from building up and will protect your dog from infected or inflamed gums. This means that your dog can keep their teeth for longer.

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