5 Tips for Throwing Cold-Weather Parties

5 Tips for Throwing Cold-Weather Parties
5 Tips for Throwing Cold-Weather Parties

It’s so easy to stay inside and stop getting together when the cold weather rolls in. Days end earlier with dark skies, and the blustery wind is enough to make the squirrels run and hide. The thing is, y’all, now is the time to change things up and get together even more often. Don’t let cold weather blues settle in. Get social with my tips for throwing cold-weather parties.

The Classic Bonfire

Pretty sure you can’t go wrong with this one as long as you have the land for it. Remember the days of youth when you hoped you’d sit next to your crush at the school bonfire? Okay, this may not be as exciting, but your friends will appreciate it just the same. Don’t just have people over—have a bonfire party.

Light the Fire Pit

If you’ve got one, use it. Fall is the ultimate fire pit weather. Spend the entire evening outside with friends around the fire pit or head out to enjoy it with hot cocoa after the meal is served. To make life easier, consider steel logs for your fire pit. They have a lot of benefits, including no mess and no smoke. Your guests will appreciate that as well.

Soup and Chili Anyone?

Y’all, it’s finally here! Soup and chili season is upon us, so invite some friends over for a soup and chili party. These parties are my favorite because I don’t need to do much except provide tableware and a pot of something warm. Each guest brings their own soup or chili. All you do is let the fun begin.

Warm Their Tummies With Cocktails

When the snow is blowing and the wind is whistling, we aren’t thinking of cold beer. Warm your guests up with cold-weather cocktails. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Hot buttered rum
  • Hot toddy
  • Mulled wine
  • Hot cocoa with crème de menthe or vanilla vodka
  • Hot White Russian

These drinks all make great desserts as well.

Set the Mood

No matter what type of dinner party y’all throw for your guests set the mood with warmth. If you have a fireplace, get a nice low flame going for the evening so that you don’t make it too warm but still get that comforting, crackling sound.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips for throwing cold-weather parties. I don’t believe the fun stops for a season. We need to stay social and stay warm. Enjoy your friends and family during this coziest of seasons.

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