8 Things to Think About Before You Start Remodeling Your Kitchen from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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8 Things to Think About Before You Start Remodeling Your Kitchen

8 Things to Think About Before You Start Remodeling Your Kitchen from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Remodeling a kitchen is a big deal that requires plenty of consideration, effort, and finances. One minor mistake can ruin this big deal and leave you with a horribly looking kitchen. That’s why before you start your remodeling process, call a pro, or visit a showroom, consider the following things that will help you to create the kitchen of your dream.

1. Decide on what is worth the splurge

Even with a pretty budget for your kitchen remodeling, it’d be great to think over the items that are worth the splurge or just a waste of money. The full extension, soft close drawer glides, paneled cabinet ends, and the second sink are worth the splurge while wine fridge, pot filler, and crackled, distressed, and glazed finishes are waste of money. Lighting might drain your budget – especially if your kitchen is spacious yet ensure you dole out enough money for it. There’s nothing worse than a poorly lit kitchen.

2. Consider your kitchen lighting

Since lighting is usually the last thing people think about when remodeling their kitchens, we’ve decided to put a special emphasis on it. Not only does a well-lit kitchen look more spacious and modern, but it’s important for your safety while cooking. Lighting isn’t only about specifying stylish fixtures. It’s critical to properly place lighting. Nowadays layered lighting provides the best lighting for the kitchens of any size.

Consider decorative lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. While decorative lighting isn’t a must and it can be expensive, it will add a sparkle to your kitchen. Accent lighting will give your kitchen more dimension and depth. Ambient lighting will soften the shadows, improve the entire atmosphere, and will fill your kitchen with a warm glow.

Task lighting is a must, so if you don’t have money for accent or decorative lighting, skip it and install task lighting instead. This lighting will provide enough light for cooking tasks, such as reading recipes, chopping vegetables, and other cooking processes.

3. Pay attention to your cabinetry

Your cabinetry is the backbone of your kitchen. Consider the cabinets that will allow you to use the most of your kitchen’s floor plan and size. Pay attention to different styles and layouts. The right cabinetry ensures more efficient cooking process and creates a unique style.  Hanging wall cabinets can add a sophisticated look to your kitchen as they can feature dramatic backsplashes or unusual windows. Base cabinets are important as well, as they form a creative storage space. Depending on your kitchen size, your cabinetry should create a balance between space and furniture.

4. Invest in a high-quality sink suite

Broad and deep sinks are all the rage right now. Not only are they look stylish, but they’re also handy and durable. The affordable silgranit sinks or white fireclay farmhouse sinks are excellent choices for the kitchen of any sizes. Once you choose your sink suite, look for a high-quality faucet. While having a faucet with two separate handles for cold and hot water sounds convenient, in reality, it creates the hassle and takes space. A water-mixing valve in the faucet might be a better idea.

5. Choose the right hood

There’s a myriad of hood types and styles, so choosing a hood is another topic. The right hood will keep your home’s air fresh and your kitchen clean. The most popular types of hoods to choose from include ventilator power pack hoods, downdraft ventilation hoods, wall ventilation fans, island or ceiling mounted range hoods, wall-mounted range hoods, and under-cabinet range hoods. Depending on your kitchen layout, your brand of stove and oven combination a diversity of cabinets above the countertops, and other appliances, you might want to take more time and do more research in order to find the best hood for your kitchen.

 6.  Choose the kitchen color

Today, it’s easy to see red, black, orange, purple, and green kitchens. Although they might look funny or positive, those colors might not suit your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look visually bigger and amicable, choose the lighter colors. The all-white kitchen is perfect for those suffering from mysophobia. However, if you don’t want your kitchen to be all white, you can add some rich warm wood shades to your interior.

In case of backsplash details, countertop finishes, and cabinetry finishes aren’t white, you can match their colors with any other of your choice. It’s up to you. Just don’t overdo it, though. All luxury kitchens are light and bright.

 7. Create the space plan

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, thinking about the space plan is vital. The way your kitchen is going to function depends on your space plan. The floor plan deserves special attention, too. It should be customized and meet your personal needs. If your kitchen is large enough to create a kitchen island, be sure to include it in your plan. Take time to create zones, including a high traffic zone that children can’t reach. Remember, there should be enough space for cooking and walking.

8. Consult a professional kitchen designer

Even if you don’t have money for hiring a kitchen professional, you can at least ask for their opinion. It’s not easy to remodel the kitchen as you don’t create a holistic kitchen design each day. A professional knows how to remodel your kitchen, especially the kitchen layout. Many people try to change the kitchen layout and end up creating expensive structural damages.  Before you make this mistake, try this service first. Save yourself stress, money, and time!

If you have plenty of free time and a pretty budget, you can remodel your kitchen and fix any mistakes you might make during the process. Or, if you have no time or clue where to start, you can call a professional kitchen designer and leave your kitchen remodeling for them. It’s up to you. In most cases, Kitchen professionals stick to a client’s budget regardless of how small or big it is.

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