Beauty on a Budget – Splurge or Save?

I am super excited to have an amazing woman as well as teacher guest posting on the blog for the next few days as I am recovering from surgery. She will tell you how she saves on beauty items. She is an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out. Hope you enjoy her tips. Today is just the beginning check back to tomorrow to read more on her series beauty on a budget.

Hello All! I was super excited when Melissa asked me to write a guest post for her blog. I have had to pleasure to teach one of her daughters, and I have another one of her sweet girls in class this year.

 Teaching is my absolute passion in life, but as a teacher, I obviously have to watch every penny closely. Especially after I became a mommy, I had to change some almost all of my spending habits.

I confess: I used to be a beauty product SNOB! I turned my nose up at all brands of skincare, makeup, etc that came from a drugstore, or even worse….. Wal-Mart! I even remember having a conversation with a lady at Sephora about how they were discontinuing the Frederic Fakkai deep conditioner I was purchasing because they were going to start carrying it at Target.

 I have spent the past 3 years adjusting my beauty routine to fit my new budget. After lots and lots of trial and error, here are some of the beauty products I still choose to invest in, and some more affordable replacements I have found.

Thanks for reading! And thanks again to Melissa for allowing me to write a guest post! Check back tomorrow for her skincare tips.

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Catherine Sutton is a middle school math teacher, mother to 3 year old Johnathan, and church member at Rosewood First Baptist. She is a beginning “couponer” and is always looking for more affordable hair/beauty products and strategies. You can follow her on Twitter @ladycat711.

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