Beginner’s Guide to Taking a Line Dancing Class

Beginner’s Guide to Taking a Line Dancing Class

Beginner’s Guide to Taking a Line Dancing Class

Dance is an expressive way of exploring another culture because it’s rich with history and sometimes even tells a story. While some gravitate toward ballet or hip hop, others prefer line dancing. If y’all fall into this group, you’ll need a few tips to prepare for the first day of class. After all, every expert line dancer starts with a beginner’s guide to taking a line dancing class!

Do What Fits Your Schedule

Check the class schedule and compare it with your calendar before getting wrapped up in all the excitement of learning a new dance style. One or two skipped dance classes is no big deal, but when y’all begin missing too many, you’ll fall behind.


If y’all have to miss a class or two, reach out to the instructor to find out what you missed. In my opinion, a one-on-one conversation about what choreography you missed is a lot better than struggling to keep up after missing a class.

Understand the Terms

Every type of dance utilizes different terminology to refer to specific steps. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused if you don’t know what these terms mean, so educate yourself on line dancing lingo before your first class. The more you understand the terminology, the easier it is to try new techniques.

Purchase the Essentials

If y’all want to execute the steps properly, you’ll need a comfortable pair of leather cowboy boots. Keep in mind that choosing the right pair of dance boots means carefully evaluating the fit and overall durability. When it comes to authentic leather boots, a bit of heel slip is normal. I know this sounds odd, but leather boots mold to your foot shape the more y’all wear them.

While shopping for boots, make sure you also note that you can’t buy just any Western boot—most experts recommend purchasing the traditional cowboy boot or ropers. You’ll want a bit of a heel since something with too much height could lead to twisted ankles or other injuries.

Ask Questions

One of the most important tips every great beginner’s guide to taking a line dancing class will tell you is to ask questions. No matter how basic or silly your question seems, ask it. Chances are, you’re not alone. Plus, the more y’all clarify, the easier it is to become a fantastic dancer.

Be Patient

Learning a new type of dance is no different than any other skill. Things may feel a bit tricky or confusing at first but with practice comes near perfection. Try not to get hung up on mistakes; everyone, including the instructor, has been in your position before. Instead, listen to feedback and practice line dancing outside of class to master this new skill!

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