Things To Help You Wind Down Other Than a Glass of Wine

Things To Help You Wind Down Other Than a Glass of Wine

Things To Help You Wind Down Other Than a Glass of Wine

We all deal with stress in different ways. A glass of wine is a way to de-stress for some but isn’t compatible for others, and it shouldn’t be a long-term solution either way. So what can we do to de-stress in other, more effective ways? Keep reading for a list of things to help you wind down other than a glass of wine.

Try Another Drink

Alcohol isn’t effective for reducing long-term stress (it could even have the opposite effect), so here are a few other beverage options that can help y’all de-stress. I recommend trying a cup of herbal tea or hot milk, especially if you are trying to wind down before heading to sleep. You can find herbal blends on the market, especially for relaxation and sleepy time. And since herbal tea contains no caffeine, it won’t keep you up if you’re trying to sleep.


Odds are y’all don’t take enough time for self-care. Self-care is important in managing our stress levels and promoting good mental health. To unwind after a long day, try taking a hot bath or shower. You could burn your favorite candle or set up an aromatherapy diffuser with calming scents. Read your favorite book, journal, try some yoga, and take some time for yourself to do what makes you happy.


It might sound counter-productive at first, but exercise is one of the best ways to relax after a long day. A quick 30-minute exercise session to get your body moving is perfect. Exercise releases your body’s endorphins, which help relieve stress and pain. Just remember to avoid rigorous exercise an hour or two before bed to make sure your body has enough time to rest and return to equilibrium.

CBD Concentrates

CBD is a popular method for relaxing as well. It can help ease feelings of anxiety and stress, and many people use it for pain relief. The best part is that there are many types of CBD concentrates that have many uses for y’all to work it into your daily routines easily. You can add CBD to your favorite foods and drinks or use it topically.

I hope these suggestions can help y’all find ways to wind down and de-stress at home. If you find creative ways to add these things to help you wind down other than a glass of wine into your daily routines, you’ll create healthy habits and be on your way to relaxation in no time.

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