Get Great Deals When Shopping for Home Decor!

Now that the holidays are in full gear, a lot of people are already getting started on decorating their homes for the season. If you're in that same boat, you can get great deals and cash back for shopping through Swagbucks! Just go here and see all of the great cash back you can get from some of your favorite stores. Here's how it works: 1. Click here to see the stores offering deals and cash back. 2. Click through to the store(s) of your choice and do some shopping! 3. Get cash back

Arts and Crafts: Recycled Bottles

Making the most of the solar energy in the Philippines isn’t the only thing you can do to start saving the environment. If you’re aware of the 3Rs, reduce, reuse, recycle, you’ve probably done many of these things. There are many things you can do to your empty bottles of wine and soda. Here are some of the things to get you going on your next DIY project. Use the bottom of the bottles to paint flowers Dip the bottom of the bottle on paint, and press the bottle on the paper to leave a print

How to Increase the Zen in Your New Home

In today’s generation, creativity and imagination have already transpired throughout the years. People combine mixed use design here in the Philippines, so just picture what it’s like in other countries as well. Beautifying a home is necessary because it is where we live in each day. Increase the “zen” in your homes by following these easy and inspiring tips guaranteed to bring the positive and good vibes in your lovely dwellings. Living plants Having plants and flowers inside and

DIY Painting Hacks to Make Your Home Decoration Project Easier

The fun of DIY has slowly morphed into a sort of skill regarding one being able to decorate their home in unique and incredible ways. However, not every decoration is as easy as they are pretty. A few tricks with some pain, though, can help brighten things up and sometimes help change the atmosphere of a room. If you’re finding that a room is looking a little plain or dull, try putting some colour on the inside of the door. Whenever a guest opens the door to enter the room, it appears more

Frugal Home Décor Tips

When it comes down to the use of proper home décor, the difference your taste has compared to the current fashionable status quo has no meaning at all. If you’re not exactly living in the lap of luxury, then you are already aware of the balancing act you need to complete to make your home look good, while at the same time being practical with your finances. Sometimes you need to do a major house clearance to ensure you have free space, sometimes you need to go through thrift stores and second-hand

Spectacular Savings on Cricut Explore Air™ Machine and Bundles!

  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start thinking about making personalized cards and gifts. Instead of cramping up your hand muscles cutting out hearts and cute designs with clunky scissors, save yourself time and elevate your design by using a Cricut Explore Air. Without a doubt, this is the best crafting device available. It's not only versatile and easy to use, it's also on sale right now at Cricut! You'll be able to get: ✂ $50 off the
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