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The Challenges and Gifts of Dyslexia

Not every individual is same but we as parents still start expecting our kids to be superbly gifted with intelligence, an exceptionally good learner with unparalleled skill sets and what not, just after the baby is born. For few parents, all hell breaks loose when they learn about their toddler’s struggle and inability to learn & speak the same way as peers in their growing years. And this could be due to dyslexia. Awareness about dyslexia is needed at the root level of counseling to

5 Things About Parenting You May Not Have Known

Parenting is very difficult and no matter how many books or blogs you read you will never be totally prepared for it. But you can still learn from current parents. Here are five things about parenting you may not have known. 1) The First Few Months Are Not Fun While everyone else might be going crazy with love over your baby, you might be too cranky or sleep-deprived to do the same and that is fine. Babies are hard work, especially in the beginning. Think of the first few months as Parenting

The Little Known Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing has been around for centuries in many cultures but has only recently made a comeback in the United States. These days babies are starting to be worn in all sorts of carriers, including slings, wraps, framed backpacks, and soft structured carriers. But babywearing isn’t just about keeping your baby attached to you. When done safely, babywearing provides numerous benefits to both you and your baby. Not only is it a cheaper and more convenient alternative to strollers,

The Art Of Play

Its established through research that growing years are very important along with the art of play in shaping up the personality and healthy development of a toddler. There are distinct types of play, contributing to the overall development of skills like imagination, social, mental and physical strength. These plays may seem indistinguishable to adults, but they are classified into types which influence in developing typical aspects of an individual. Each kid is different and has a different

The Boomerang Gift

Happy Sunday. In this season of giving here is a post about the Boomerang gift. “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” – Luke 6:38, NIV Todd and Nancy were successful business owners. Their friends often joked that the couple had a golden touch. Every project they worked on became successful. One week at a local networking event, Todd

Guarding Against Affairs

Close calls are virtually all alike. They begin with an attraction to somebody other than your spouse that causes you to think about your time with this individual simply for the pleasure that it provides you. Maybe you’re having regular meetings with someone of the opposite sex for business, shared interests, or volunteer opportunities. Somewhere in this phase, a mere friendship ceases and a close call starts. Now you’re saving topics of conversation for this person. Your conversations
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