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How to Make Halloween Healthier for You and Your Children

Halloween can be scary. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins abound, but the most frightening part of Halloween might be how many calories our children bring home in their trick-or-treat bags. The candy in an average trick-or-treat bag can contain as much as 7,000 calories* and all that candy can lead to tooth decay and a lot of extra pounds for the entire family.   Dr. Mayrene Hernandez of UnitedHealthcare  has a few ideas so health-conscious parents can avoid ruining one of the

Wedding Season Has Been, and Still is, Upon Us

The most popular months for marriage are June, August, September, and October. If you want to get hitched during wedding season, you have the option of choosing a wedding with beautiful weather or a ceremony with charming fall foliage as the backdrop. While wedding season is undoubtedly a time for romance and fun, it is also a time for draining bank accounts. And, I am not just talking about the bride and groom coughing up serious cash; I am also referring to the wedding guests. As LendEDU

How To Give Your Kids Money Without Ruining Them

We all want to bring up kids who have drive and ambition. No one wants to raise entitled and frivolous spenders who feel that they should have whatever they want- and even worse, that someone else should get it for them. So when it comes to giving our kids money, we walk a tightrope. On one hand, we don’t want to be the parent who says no all the time, making kids feel greedy for wanting things or deprived for not having them. Then again, we don’t want to get parenting wrong and end up raising

When They Ask If You’ll Circumcise Your Baby Boy, What Will You Say?

The Internet has made it easier for expectant parents to research everything about having a baby, from choosing a stroller to buying the right diapers. But it hasn’t been easy for parents to find reliable information on a question that invariably arises: whether or not to circumcise their son? Now, a website called can give parents, as well as anyone else interested in knowing more about the surgery, an overview from different viewpoints on the topic. Consumer-friendly

7 Signs That Your Kid is An Actor

Do you feel like your child has an aptitude for expression? Is your kid imaginative, social and happy to dress up in costumes? Wondering if your kid has "it" when it comes to acting? Kristen Sanne, Creator of Casting Made Simple, a revolutionary way to help companies choose the right kids to represent their brand, has put together 7 signs your kid has what it takes to be an actor. ·         Your child is outgoing – Is your child always

70 Years of Royal Weddings

In the last 70 years, we have seen some extremely special royal weddings. It all began in November 1947 with the incredible marriage of Queen Elizabeth II to the Duke of Edinburgh. They actually became engaged in secret in 1946 but didn’t announce the engagement publicly until Elizabeth turned 21 in April 1947. This infographic from Claddagh Rings takes you through a selection of weddings from the last 70 years. A very unusual wedding is that of Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly. Kelly met
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